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By: Armstrong Milling  09-12-2011

Parrot Mix

Royal Cuisineā„¢ Parrot mix has been combined into a nutritious blend of favoured fruits, vegetables, nuts along with the highest quality of natural seeds. Our parrot mix is specifically formulated to be fed to Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazon Parrots, African Parrots and other parrot species.

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Conditioner mix was not formulated to be fed as a sole source of diet, but only as a supplementary diet to aid in conditioning. Popular as a clean out mix when birds return from a long distance race. Conditioner mix is designed to be fed to all breeds of pigeons. It can be used as booster to birds in breeding season.


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Crit'r Ration is formulated to provide adequate all season nutritional value for small wild animals such as Black and Grey Squirrels, Chipmunks, Rabbits, Ducks and Geese. Crit'r Ration is a blend of whole corn, sunflowers and peanuts that provides the additional nutrition requirements for natural growth.