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By: Ultra Comfort  09-12-2011

Modulating high furnace:

Is like highway driving, making slight operating adjustments while achieving maximum efficiency. This new condensing furnace with a modulating gas valve operates with more finesse to reduce temperature fluctuations, providing consistent indoor temperature, quiet operation, and an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 94%.

Two Stage high Furnace:

Unlike traditional furnaces that turn on and run at full capacity with each demand for heating. Two-stage furnaces start out by running in its first stage, which uses only about 68% of its capacity. This reduced capacity is sufficient enough to warm your home on those mild winter days. When the temperature outside drops, the furnace will meet the extra demand by adjusting to the second stage. heating cycle.

Variable speed DC motors:

 have intelligent technology that monitor incoming data from the blower and adjust accordingly so you can feel confident that your system is working to keep you comfortable. A DC motor uses substantially less electricity to move the same amount of air.

High-efficiency natural gas furnace:

also known as a condensing furnace, is the most efficient furnace available, because it provides your home with ideal heating comfort while using less energy than other models. High-efficiency furnaces are designed to extract additional heat from natural gas and, when they do, the flue gases condense, or turn to water -- hence, the name condensing furnace.

Mid-efficiency gas furnaces:

mainly use a naturally aspirating burner and do not have a continuously lit pilot light. They are equipped with a powered exhaust, usually with a built-in induced draft fan. Seasonal efficiency is much higher for mid-efficiency gas furnaces than for conventional furnaces, offering energy savings of 23 to 28 percent over conventional gas furnaces.

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