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Sweet Corn
Peaches N' Cream, Picked Fresh, early EVERY morning, and kept covered and cold throughout the day.
Sold Per Dozen, Half-Dozen, and per Cob.
We also take orders for any amounts. (Multiple Dozens, most common in 5 Dozen Bags)

Including our famous mini-potatoes, large potatoes, White, Yukon Gold, and Red.  *(Varies with availability)
Sold in Quarts, Two-Quarts, and Four-Quarts.
Larger quantities can be ordered for all types of Potatoes, when in season. Tomatoes
Fresh Field Tomatoes, Sold in Quarts or Larger 3L Baskets
Roma Tomatoes sold by Bushel/1/2 Bushel, when in season Beans
Most popular seller, Green and Yellow, Sold in Quarts or Two-Quart Baskets, Picked Fresh Everyday Carrots
Sweetest Carrots in Ontario, Core-less Carrots, sold in Quarts or Two-Quarts, and in larger amounts. Beets
Tasty, Fresh Beets, Large, Medium and Small, Sold in Quarts, Two-Quarts, or Four-Quarts.
We also take large orders for beets, upon request. Excellent for Pickling Apples
Fresh Ontario Apples, varying from Honey Crisp, McIntosh, Empire, and Golden Crisp, Usually starting in Second or Third week of August Plums
Sweet and Juicy Plums come in Quarts and 3L Baskets, Usually starting with Early Golden and Shiro throughout the season. Pears
Delicious, Fresh and Sweet Bartlett Pears are sold in Quarts and 3L Baskets, starting middle of August. Nectarines
Succulent and tasty nectarines, come in Quarts and 3L Baskets, Usually starting early to middle of August. Wild Blueberries
These scrumptious wild blueberries, grown and picked in Northern Ontario, Come in 10oz Cups, with each one carefully placed.
These are also sold in larger quantities (3L Baskets, 11 Quart Baskets, or anywhere in between or above) Black Cherries
Delicious, Sweet Black cherries, picked fresh can be bought in Quarts or 3L Baskets. Niagara's Finest. Peas
These delicious sweet peas are sold in Quarts and Two-Quarts, and are available for the first three weeks of July - weather permitting. Strawberries
Juicy and Fresh Ontario Strawberries are sold in Quarts.
We also take orders for larger quantities. (Flats or masters) Peaches
Free-stone peaches, when in season, are delicious and Fresh grown in Ontario.
Sold in quarts, 3L baskets, or larger quantities.
You'll never want to buy a peach from the store again! Picked in Niagara, 3 times or more a week. Apricots
Delectable apricots are available for a short season, in mainly quarts or 3L baskets. Field Cucumbers
Fresh Field cucumbers great for sandwiches/submarines, salads, and on their own. Pickles
In larger orders, upon request. Excellent for canning. We also supply garlic, dill, onions etc. Everything you need to do your pickling from start to finish. Onions
Red and White Spanish Onions sold in any quantity. Spinach
Fresh and amazing Spinach, sold in 1lb bags, great for salads and more.
Grown within Ten Miles of Guelph. Garlic
Fresh Ontario Garlic, sold in any amount. Peppers
Red, Green and Yellow peppers sold fresh in any measure. Gladiolas
Sold in half-dozen bunches, with beautiful colour, life and freshness. Cantaloupe
Juicy and Sweet Cantaloupe is sold individually. Environmentally Friendly Cloth Bag
A choice between Red, Blue, Black and Tan. 1 Free Bag with every $20 worth of produce purchased.
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Keywords: Baskets