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By: Successfuel  09-12-2011

PowerPoint Presentations – There is Only One Rule of Thumb Worth Following

Presentations can be very important to you as a Manager. Whether you use Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote for the Mac or an alternate program, your slides are a key element of your presentation.

You may be judged by how well you present and your performance will certainly impact whether you get approvals for your project, get your point across or influence your audience.

There are many so-called ‘rules of thumb’ out there for developing presentation slides and it’s tempting to simply follow them.

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Decision Making | Success Fuel for Managers

If you are like most Managers, you are inundated with data and information on a daily basis but not much of it actually helps you make decisions that improve results. You simply don’t have enough time to sift through it yourself and find the information you need in order to take action. Getting results depends on your ability to make the right decisions so get the information you need to be successful.


Leadership | Success Fuel for Managers

Unfortunately, if you’re hiring people who are just like you, or are a ‘fit’ for your team, you are doing yourself and your team a disservice. Your friends, the colleagues you tend to socialize with, the neighbours you know and even the people you hire. Don’t Hire Your Clone It’s a natural tendency. We gravitate to people who are similar to us.


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KPI’s Aren’t the Answer to Getting Performance Having been on the supplier and the client side in the past, I know that Key Performance Indicators themselves don’t result in performance. While some people like the carrot and stick approach, you need a management approach that uses measurements (and other techniques, not just KPI’s) to get performance. Sometimes KPI’s can even drive the wrong behavior if you aren’t careful.


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Developing Mission Vision and Value Statements As an employee, I’ve been subjected to MVV statements when I worked for major organizations and that’s probably how I came to hate them. Many Mission, Vision and Value statements are fluff, sometimes focused on marketing more than what they should be – for employees in the organization.