pHRx Services includes Bio Impedance Analysis to monitor progress

By: Proactive Health Resources  09-12-2011
Keywords: health care, scientists, Bio Impedance Analysis

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our clients with an understanding that their current health experience is the direct result of the processes of life that have either voluntarily or involuntarily caused the gene expression leading to the equilibrium of biochemical reactions that are cascading throughout the body.  Cascading is a term used to describe how one such chemical equilibrium might interact with another causing a scientifically predictable result which could cause either a state of dis-ease or health.

We have a miraculous medical model out there which uses many heroic tools to fight certain health conditions that have reached a state that is out of control, and perhaps deadly.  The system is overworked, overtaxed and overutilized because instead of being a 'Health Care System', it has become a 'Sickness Care System'.  We are striving to educate our clients such that people will begin to recognize that if we make small course corrections early enough, we can end up in a much different place than the 'Sickness Care System'.

To that end, our scientists at Proactive Health Resources, utilize 2 primary tools to work with our clients.  We use the Health Appraisal Questionnaire to understand the current state of health that then provides a starting point from which we can proceed with some suggested nutritional interventions.  Then we use the Bio Impedance Analysis Computer to monitor the progress of our clients during their dietary and lifestyle changes.  The techniques through these scientific approaches are overwhelmingly simple, and the results will astound you.  Great success can be seen for example in the following areas:

Keywords: Bio Impedance Analysis, health care, Impedance Analysis, scientists,