By: Paid4power  09-12-2011

We will source out the complete solar PV systems depending on your specific project needs. Whether you want a straight and simply highly reliable system or something more cutting-edge, we can arrange a system package to match your budget. Our products are always of the highest quality, and we have the flexibility to include certain brands according to any preference you may have. We also have a customizable racking used to mount your panels. We offer racking for pole-mount, ground-mount, ballasted roof, and flat roof solar systems. Racking can be custom made to fit any rooftop.

Solar PV system package components include:

  • panels
  • inverters
  • combiner assemblies and wiring
  • racking and mounting hardware

Custom PV System Design

First we do a site assessment, then system design and panel installation.

We will inspect your building or property and see if it is suitable for a solar system. We will then submit an application to the LDC for an 'invitation to connect', and the OPA for a conditional contract.
Solar Electric Power Systems

Residential Power
Paid4Power Complete Custom Solar Package

MicroFIT generation <10kW incline roof mounted systems
All our systems are designed to meet your spefic needs and conditions.
Modular Rail mounted systems in 2.3 kW to 10kW size

We also have balasted, ground and pole mounted options


Farm and Commercial Power

Paid4Power Sun Farming Systems

Some of the products we endorse