Oregon Brand Saw Chain

By: Oregon  09-12-2011
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Oregon® cutting chain is used as original equipment by most of the world's chainsaw manufacturers and by most of the world's professional loggers, farmers, and homeowners.

Why? Because they want their saws to deliver unparalleled cutting performance and the highest possible level of product satisfaction.

Here's what Oregon® provides users:

  • Advanced manufacturing materials, innovative product features, and extraordinary quality that maximizes the high value built into chainsaws.
  • Cutting chain that is trouble- free---that cuts every type of timber, stands up in any kind of weather, and stays together in all cutting conditions.
  • Cutting chain that stays sharper longer than most saw users ever expect, but is easy to resharpen when the time comes.
  • Cutting chain that's made in many types and sizes to match the power of most saws, and the kinds of use for which each saw is designed.
  • Cutting chain that's available for replacement anywhere in the world to ensure the highest possible level of customer service and support.

Keywords: Saws

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Canada Mechanical Harvester

Sophisticated, computerized-design techniques, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and high-grade steel materials help OREGON® products withstand the most extreme cutting situations--including cold-weather harvesting. OREGON® offers five types of harvester cutting chain designed to handle the widest possible timber-cutting conditions.Another OREGONn® first is the Jet-Fit.


Oregon Brand Drive Sprockets

SPROCKETS: The chainsaw drive sprocket moves the cutting chain around a saw's guide bar at high speed and are an essential element of the saw's cutting team consisting of the bar, chain, and sprocket. Oregon® offers a wide range of sprocket types for different sawing applications -- for professional timber cutters to homeowners who use saws to cut firewood and do chores around home.


Oregon Brand Guide Bars

Solid bars with armor-tipped noses that let you cut better in abrasive conditions -- when wood is impregnated with sand or while you're cutting in rocky areas. Optimum performance and long service life in every bar -- from bars for mechanical-timer-harvesting machines to bars for small-displacement hand-held saws. It brands bars for many major chainsaw manufacturers and sells Oregon-brand in the replacement market worldwide.