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By: Options  09-12-2011
Keywords: Ergonomics, Computer Workstation

Maintaining ergonomic awareness is key to a sustainable ergonomic and musculoskeletal disorder prevention program. Our "ErgoBits" program does this for you on a monthly basis after a short, one-time set up process.


  • Short monthly awareness tips.
  • Together they create a customized MSD/Ergo awareness program.
  • Include deliverables to compliment your programs.


  • Monthly Ergonomic and MSD Awareness program with minimal effort and no development costs.
  • Permits you to focus on program participation and management.

You select 12 monthly topics that best represent your workplace from a comprehensive list from 4 categories; General, Office, Industrial, and Home/Life. You determine the deliverables that best suit your workplace and compliment your existing program. Deliverable options may include; postcard handouts, posters, "e" postcards, and retention tests. Please contact us for a customized cost outline.

The Options Inc. "Office Ergo Online" is an online training program that educates workers on how to set up their computer workstation according to accepted guidelines and standards.


  • Reviews basic ergonomics principles and how they apply to the office environment.
  • Provides step by step computer workstation set up guidance for both desktop and laptop computer users.
  • Outlines Stretches for the Office Environment
  • Outlines Signs and Symptoms associated with common problems experienced as a result of poor computer workstation layout.
  • Option of two different versions: Basic (Instructional only); and Advanced (instructional with reporting and tracking)


  • Allows you to educate all of your employees on Office Ergonomics at their convenience.
  • Minimizes new employees from developing repetitive strain injuries or bad habits before their orientation can be completed.
  • Allows you to implement a Proactive Ergonomics program with minimal effort or program management.
  • The Advanced version allows you to track areas of concern and identify "red flags" quickly.
  • The Advanced version provides you with data allowing you to show effectiveness of the program and due diligence.

In order to facilitate the general populations knowledge of office ergonomics, the Basic version of the Office Ergo Online can be accessed free of charge. If you are interested in the Advanced version of this tool, with the tracking, reporting and due diligence, this can be accessed for a fee based on the number of users. Please contact us for a customized cost outline.

Options Inc. Reference Manuals

In response to client demands, we have developed Options Inc. "Ergonomic Design Guidelines" and "Ergonomic Reference Tool Kit". Each of these documents includes a collection of relevant accepted reference documents and templates, worksheets, tables, and applied recommendations and ideas.

More specifically, the ERGONOMIC REFERENCE TOOL KIT includes:

  • Workstation Assessment Template
  • Ergonomics Project Form
  • Basic Screening Tool
  • Repetition, Force and Posture Guidelines
  • SNOOK Tables
  • RULA/REBA Forms
  • Anthropometric Data

Cost: $15.00 plus GST and Shipping = $19.50

The DESIGN GUIDELINES include references for:

  • Tools
  • Workstations (Office and Industrial)
  • Manual Material Handling
  • Displays
  • Controls
  • Lighting, Noise, Temperature (Office and Industrial)
  • Shift Work

Cost: $25.00 plus GST and Shipping = $30.25

Useful Websites

Tools and Checklists:

References and Statistics:

Legislation and Guidelines:

Useful Handouts

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Keywords: Computer Workstation, Ergonomics

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These assessments include an objective evaluation of workstation/equipment concerns with respect to recognized ergonomic guidelines, identification of areas of risk present in the essential tasks required within the workstation and recommendations on workstation/task organization, procedures or equipment.