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By: National Power And Signal  09-12-2011
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National Power & Signal specializes in precision die cutting technologies, modern press equipment and state of the art dies, fixtures, and tooling is used to produce standard and custom die cut gaskets.

An electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive is available as an option for all die cut EMI gaskets. National Power & Signal has developed and formulated a process of producing and applying the PSA onto the gasketthat is environmentally friendly and very economical for the end user. The electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive is available for all industrial applications for compounds that are Nickel Graphite, Nickel, Silver Plated Glass, Silver Plated Nickel, Silver, Silver Plated Aluminum Silver Plated Copper and Oriented Wires in silicone. The electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive can also be applied to fluorosiliconecompounds depending on the specific application and service requirements of the EMI gasket.Also manufactured are custom O-rings. A method of vulcanization has been developed by National Power & Signal that allows for very high volume manufacturing and an exceptionally low defect rate. Custom O-rings are available using all of the standard conductive fillers offered by National Power & Signal, however it should be noted that the most common and most cost effective for a wide range of applications is Nickel Graphite in silicone.

Custom Shielded Enclosure Military ApplicationShielding to 40 GHz case material Aluminum and Stainless SteelCustom EMI gasket 18" X 23" (blue) is Fluorosilicone with Silver/Aluminum
Shock absorbers for internal housing one in each corner Main design requirements - weather proof - shock resistantand EMI/RFI shielding effectiveness to 40GHz.

Conductive O-ring gaskets used in a large RF transmitter/receiver system integrated with an antenna.The material is Nickel Graphite in silicone. Several sizes of the O-ring gasket were used by the customer for different series of product. The O-rings are 9” 14” and 22” in diameter. Both hollow and solid profiles were used.

Precision die cut EMI gasket using Carbon in silicone with PSA. The application was for a commercial marine sonarsystem.

Conductive silicone elastomer gaskets manufactured by National Power and Signal for use in an RF amplifier application. Specific customer design requirements included extreme environmental
operating conditions combined with effective EMI shielding capabilities.

Environmental gaskets and seals are manufactured using variations of solid and sponge silicone rubber. Fluorosilicone rubber is also available.

Vent Panels designed and manufactured to allow sufficient airflow while eliminating radiated emissions. Specific cell sizes are used to meet application and shielding requirements.

National Power and Signal copper foil 1.4 mil (36 micron) for EMI shielding. The copper foils are a premium, zero temper, high tensile copper with electrically conductive PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive). Various sizes and custom die-cut shapes are available.

National Power And Signal introduces a line of electrically conductive silicon product in sheet and roll form available with electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). The application of an electrically conductive adhesivewith a release liner on to an electrically conductive elastomer compound that can be die cut to form any type of gasket configuration is a very viable and attractive solution in medium and high volume assembly operations. The material is soft and has excellent shielding properties. Product applications include RF/Microwave assemblies and related communications systems and products that require an electrically conductivegasket for EMI/RFI shielding combined with an environmental seal.For additional information contact:.

National Power And Signal a manufacturer of EMI shielding gaskets for North American OEM'snow offers a complete line of conductive O-rings. The compounds used to produce the electrically conductive O-ring product have proven to be exceptionally cost effective to produce and offers the end user a very economical solution for providing effective EMI shielding and an environmental seal for enclosures that are designed for out door use such as amplifiers, transcievers and antenna ODU assemblies.

Oriented Wire in Silicone
National Power and Signal offers EMI gaskets utilizing Oriented Wires in Silicone. The gaskets are used in low closure force applications and provide excellent shielding and environmental protection. Applications include industrial cabinets and enclosures that require re-entry doors, hatches etc. The material is available with optional PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive). Gaskets are available for all standard size cabinets and enclosures. Custom configurations are also available.

Thermal Interface Components

National Power and Signal manufactures thermal interface components for allpower semiconductor, microprocessor, DC to DC converter and related semiconductor applications that require a thermal transfer material between thesemiconductor device mounting surface and the heatsink.

  • Die cut conductive silicone elastomer gaskets
  • Carbon filled silicone elastomers gaskets
  • Silver-copper filled silicone elastomers gaskets
  • Silver-aluminum filled silicone elastomers gaskets
  • Nickel-graphite filled silicone elastomers gaskets
  • Oriented wire in silicone rubber
  • Oriented wire in silicone sponge
  • EMI Air vent panels
  • Shielded Windows
  • EMI Connector gaskets
  • Conductive foils with conductive PSA
  • Copper/Aluminum
  • Conductive fabrics and Yarns
  • Conductive fabric over foam
  • Thermal interface materials for heatsink applications
  • Non-conductive environmental gaskets and seals
  • Waveguide Gaskets for microwave assemblies and integrated antenna systems
  • Nickel-graphite filled silicone elastomers
  • Custom power line filter assemblies for three phase and single applications
  • Shielding components for wire, cable assemblies and interconnect systems
  • Custom feed-thru filter plates and assemblies

Keywords: Gaskets, Nickel Graphite, Plated Aluminum, Silver Plated,

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