Trashy, the 3 stream waste sorting kitchen island

Trashy, the 3 stream waste sorting kitchen island from Metrik Studio

By: Metrik Studio  16-10-2013
Keywords: Furniture Design, kitchen design, sustainable

MEET TRASHY The elegantly practical three-in-one kitchen island waste solution with built-in personality. Metrik Studio's new product is a free-wheeling (free-standing on casters) 3 stream-waste sorting island for the kitchen or office, with washable plastic bins for compost, recyclables and waste, and space for plastic garbage bags and used batteries. "Trashy" has a footprint of 48.5 x 62.5 cm. (19 x 24 inches), and is 86 cm. high (34") with a fully usable sliding table-top surface - Trashy excels as a small kitchen table/island with sorting capacity. Trashy's lid, rather than swinging up, slides to the side, which leaves the inside exposed for throwing the recyclable (blue) and compostables (green) in. This sliding action allows the top surface to be used as a table top, with a 90 lb capacity. There's a small side drawer (for new bags), as well as a drawer (for landfill-type garbage) pulling straight out towards the user, like a conventional drawer. All bins are included with both units. The unit is available as either a left sliding lid, or right sliding lid, although the direction can be reversed at a later date if desired. It rolls on soft casters on the floor, or is also available with 4" or 6" nickel finish legs, instead of casters. Other options are for towel bars, a blackboard front for toddlers, or custom styling to suit any space. It is very suitable for use as an island, and an optional butcher block top allows allows for restaurant style "cut & compost". Trashy also frees up a kitchen cabinet worth of space which is now in-efficiently devoted to waste bins. Trashy is finished in a choice of 3 two-tone washable lacquers, and is produced of "Arreis", an ecologically sustainable fibreboard made from 100% recycled wood products, with zero formaldehyde emissions. This is a Canadian made unit which is built to last, using the best available hardware, materials, and finishes. Unlike many short term products, Trashy will not itself become trash for a very long time. The sum is an easy to use, organized, and fun side-kick for the modern trash sorting hero. Trashy (the original) retails for $875, and a sibling Cheap Trash retails for $325. Cheap Trash, an open unit which does the same job with less bells and whistles, is also constructed of "Arreis". Both units are currently being batch-produced in lots of 35 units, and then customized and lacquered to order. Learn more about Trashy at

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