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By: Lt Industries  09-12-2011
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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile floors enhance the aesthetics of any home and therefore need professional cleaning. Microscopic pores allow dirt and other contaminants to become trapped below the surface; where they cannot be removed with regular mopping. Dirt continues to build up inside these pores leaving your floor looking dirty, dark and discolored. By attempting to clean it with heavy scrubbing and harsh cleaners can be painfully ineffective, time consuming, and labor intensive.

Carpet Cleaning

Choosing the proper cleaning system is extremely important. Our professional technicians carefully inspect the condition and fabric of the carpet or rug before making the selection for one of the methods available.
We use high end, and exclusive cleaning products, equipment and procedures to assure the highest level of cleaning performance. We offer the newest technology that penetrates soiled areas that guarantee different types of stains are removed with deactivation of the odor. By also using a fabric protector; improves, preserves and prolongs the color, fabric and life of the carpet or rug.

New Power Washing Service

We can now power wash (pressure wash) your driveways, sidewalks, decks and fences to give them a "like new" look. Transform those ugly fences, sidewalks, driveways and even save yourself a paint job! Whether you just want your home to look nice or you are getting ready to sell, this is a service you'll need.

Most of us treat our pets as if they were members of the family. They provide joy and comfort to us. Along with that, however, they bring distinct animal odors and occasional accidents. Does your home smell like "wet dog"? Even with little animals and creatures, sometimes the smell can be a major problem.

With our professional furniture and carpet cleaning service, we have a variety of odor control treatments available to remove most odors. We care about your well being and your pet; we use environmentally and animal safe products! Making your home pleasant for you and your best pet friend to enjoy.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning is a unique, specialized service. Ideal to use before moving into other accommodation or to freshen up a mattress which has been kept in storage.

Area Rugs

Dust is abrasive and will shorten the life of your rug. We recommend rug cleaning every two years, even if it looks clean dirt hides. Rotate your rug once a year; important your area rug get equal amount of traffic-wear, and light evenly.

Help your rug last generation after generation, by protecting your investment.

Commercial Cleaning

Troy’s Carpet and Tile Cleaning® do commercial carpet cleaning and other professional services to ensure your company is always shining. We provide quality, reliable commercial carpet, drapery, and upholstery cleaning services to help you create a positive company image. Commercial restroom cleaning, gum removal, sanitizing, and plus kitchen sanatization!

  • Carpet/Linoleum Cleaning   $.35/sq foot
  • Tile Cleaning   $.50/sq foot
  • Floor Shine/Protectant   $.25/sq foot
  • Area Mats   $.35/sq foot
  • Sectionals   $100
  • Sofa    $90
  • Loveseat    $75
  • Chairs    $25
  • Dining Room Chairs   $3/each
  • Mattresses    $50
  • Carpeted Steps    $3/each
  • Auto - Interior Detail   $75 and up
  • Power Washing/Patios   $.50 sq foot

*Prices are subject to change

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