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By: Lanvis  09-12-2011

Why do we use Intel Motherboards?

Your motherboard is bar none the most critical component in your computer system.    With hundreds of different manufacturers out there making this main-board, pricing pressure usually drives them to produce a product that a) has not been adequately tested, and b) consists of low quality components to keep their price low.
   The unfortunate result is a PC which performs poorly, does not stand up to heavy usage, becomes unstable, and ultimately requires warranty service.    By choosing Intel quality motherboards in your systems, you may pay a slight premium to receive the benefits of quality, performance and stability.   We think its worth it, and we think our existing customers do too.

What about the other components?

Of course, the other components also weigh on the overall quality of your computer system.    It certainly doesn't help you if you're running a reliable mainboard and your hard drive fails.    As in all industries, there are varying levels of quality, and this can be reflected in the type of hard drive, the brand of video card, right down to the gauge of metal on your case.   These components are more difficult to judge as a consumer, and usually require the experience of quality Value Added Resellers like LANVis Corporation.   We've been in this business for a long time, and have learned what works, what performs best, and what lasts the longest.   The last thing we want is to inconvenience our customers with repair work, and we'll only sell what we believe minimizes this.

Tip - If your thinking of purchasing a computer, and are searching the papers for deals, check out the brand names associated with the components listed.   If the brand names change from week to week, it's a clear indication that this reseller is purchasing the 'cheap component of the week' deals themselves.   Clearly, they have no experience with those components, and could care less how they perform and how long they will last.

How about warranty?

What good is a warranty if the company you purchased it from goes out of business.   Although we can't predict what the future will entail, we can draw from our ten plus years of experience in this industry.   We've seen a lot of small computer stores (and some larger ones too) close up shop.   Those stores promised longer than usual warranties, such as 2 Year parts / 5 years labour etc. and in most cases, did not deliver.   Furthermore, the components might have been warranted by the manufacturer if only you could tell who the manufacturer was.   Although LANVis Corporation provides a full 1 year warranty on all computers sold (additional warranties are available at additional cost), should you need to go direct to the manufacturer for a warranty issue, all of our components are popular 'name brands' and should require little searching to determine who to call. Tip - When looking for a new computer, ask the potential company how they handle their warranty.   For example, if a motherboard fails, will they replace it immediately?   Or will they send it back to the manufacturer for repair, in the mean time leaving you deserted.   (By the way, LANVis Corporation replaces any defective components almost immediately.   The defective components are sent back on our time, not yours!)

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