LANVis Corporation - LANVisPak Prepaid Service Contract

By: Lanvis  09-12-2011

Support Services

LANVisPak is a set of 3 service contract options.   With flexibility in mind, these plans allow any sized company or small business to pre-purchase a block of hours, to be used any way you see fit.   Plus you'll receive priority attention from us. How does it work?
▪  Choose one of the 3 support
contracts that suit you best.
▪  Once we receive your payment, we'll assign you your dedicated support contact.
▪   Call to arrange on-site service, Emergency On-Site, Phone support etc.
▪   We subtract service & support  charges from your initial payment.
▪   We reduce your service & support charges. The higher the support contract  you choose, the greater the
overall cost reduction.

What makes our program attractive to you? ▪   You don't make a long term or costly commitment.
▪   Our services are provided to you at a discount rate.
▪   Service & Support arrangements are simplified - for you and us.
▪   You get priority attention. Support Pricing

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With hundreds of different manufacturers out there making this main-board, pricing pressure usually drives them to produce a product that a) has not been adequately tested, and b) consists of low quality components to keep their price low. As in all industries, there are varying levels of quality, and this can be reflected in the type of hard drive, the brand of video card, right down to the gauge of metal on your case.