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By: Goodness Thai Yoga Massage  02-08-2016
Keywords: chronic pain, Alternative Health Practitioner

What is Thai Yoga Massage? Thai Yoga Massage combines pressure, supportive movement & full body stretching to create long lasting relief from stiff joints, muscle tension and pain and of course, it’s also wonderfully relaxing. How does it work? Thai Yoga Massage is done in loose comfy clothes, on a warm mat with the help of a few of pillows. Yes, it’s just as cozy and restful as it sounds! The practitioner will personalize your treatment, combining: Gentle pressure to release tension & trigger the body’s parasympathetic response, allowing the body to move into a deeply restorative state. And supportive stretches that are done for you, by the practitioner, helping to open up joints and release fascia with ease. The benefits include: • Deep, long-lasting releases of scar tissue, and muscle tension • Increased range of motion in joints by lengthening muscles for better flexibility & unrestricted movement • Stimulation of the body’s natural healing processes and improved lymph and blood circulation After a few sessions clients become more aware of their posture and begin to correct it naturally because they are paying closer attention to how their body is feeling. The result? Clients learn to move in a way that feels good, not one that puts them in compromising positions. This means a stronger, healthier, pain -free you.

Keywords: Alternative Health Practitioner, chronic pain

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