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By: First Cast  09-12-2011

New - Lamson Vanquish

The beautiful all-new Vanquish reel has three times the stopping power of any previous Waterworks Lamson reel. At its heart you will find Lamson's legendary sealed conical drag system except much bigger!

This "supercharged" sealed drag system is surrounded by a bulletproof structure machined from solid barstock aluminum. The innovative reel foot design improves the casting balance of the rod by moving the centre of the reel closer to the centre of gravity of the casting stroke. It also reinforces the strength of the reel at this key point. Make sure that you take your Vanquish on your trip of a lifetime!

  • Ultra large arbor
  • Supercharged hi-torque conical drag
  • Dual clutch roller bearing
  • Aerospace aluminium + 17-4 stainless structure
  • Smooth progressive torque to 20lb
  • Near zero start up inertia
  • Made in U.S.A
Model Line Weight Line Capacity Diameter Weight(Ounces)
#8 #7/9 220yds 20lb 4.1" 8.6
#10 #9/11 220yds 30lb 4.5" 10.7
#12 #11/14 325yds 30lb 4.7 11.3

Scott Rods - E2

Scott E2 rods have gained a following as the go to performance rods in sleeve over ferrule design. E2 rods balance light in the hand. The fast actions deliver tight loops, high line speed, and accuracy. The blanks are designed with thin walls and large diameters to keep you in touch with the line and give you positive control over your casts and drifts. E2 rods will help you reach out longer, mend complex currents, and control powerful fish.

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It also comes with the same padded carry case and three spools for carrying different lines. Low startup and great pressure make the Rulon drag system perfect for these large game fish. The GRXi+ Fly reel from Greys is full interchangeable with the GRXi reel. The GRXi+ features a fully upgraded cage and a much larger drag system. This reel stops being similar right there.


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Metalhead - The last in the series from AEGMetalhead chronicles the epic journey of five fish bums and their friends as they travel to remote Northwestern wilderness in search of legendary steelhead; the hottest freshwater fish you can catch on a fly rod and also a fish whose survival hangs in the balance.


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Marc Petitjean Tool Set The MP tying tools are based on the long tying experience of Marc Petitjean.All those items are hand and Swiss made out of stainless steel.Beside the nice execution of the scissors. Marc's new Swiss Vise, is machined from bar stock stainless and alloy metals and offers you the fly tyer some exciting new features not found on other tools.


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Dubbing brushes and softdubs are made from a variety of materials such as Hares Ear Plus, Squirrel, Antron, Marabou, deer hair, cdc, etc. All you need to do is tie in the brush or softdub and start wrapping. Dubbing Brushes and Softdub A new product that makes dubbing easy. Dubbing is pre-spun to form a bubbing brush or softdub.


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Imitating the strata on the rocks bared by the torrent of the river, Torrent uses a layering system that combines a base layer for comfort, a mid layer for insulation, and an outer layer for weatherproofing. Although we would love to see you in the store to chat and hear your fishing stories, with the rising gas prices, Mail Order is another viable and cost effective option that we offer our customers.


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Those instructions are printed on the custom-designed Complete Hatch fly boxes, so the "secrets" are in your vest pocket, not back in some book on your shelf. Based on entomological studies and years of experience on the stream, I wrote fly-by-fly fishing instructions for every different mayfly collection. I also knew that the behaviors of different mayfly species, dramatically determine where, when and HOW you should fish different flies.