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S/A 3M - Fly Fishing made Easy, Anatomy of a Trout Stream, Fly Fishing for Trout, Basic Fly Casting, Advanced Fly Casting, Strategies for Selective Trout
This series is one of the best available! Designed to take you through the steps from beginner to advanced, these DVD's have experts like Gary Borger & Doug Swisher demonstrating the skills necessary at each level. Great photography and excellent demonstration..this series will shorten your learning curve substantially.

New Zealand Trophy Waters #1, #2, #3 - This series is highlighted by the HUGE browns and stunning waters of New Zealand. The techniques of sight fishing for monster Browns. If you've seen Trout Bum Diaries this is a great addition!

Dave Whitlock Originals - Tying and Fishing series - Near Nuff Sculpin & Crayfish, Sheep Minnow series, Red Fox Squirrel Hair Nymphs, Matuka Sculpin
Perhaps one of the greatest tiers alive and a chaser Bass, Dave takes you through the building of his designs as well as how to properly fish them.

Lefty Kreh - Lessons with Lefty, Best of Lefty's Tips, Tactics and Techniques - Lefty is a character..and a talented tier as well. His years of tying give him the credibility to show you the best time saving techniques to tie great flies.

Rene Harrop - Life Cycle of the Caddis fly, Life Cycle of the Mayfly,Family Ties - A technical tier who has developed many of today's "Go to" flies.

Trout Bum Diaries - Vol 1 Patagonia - AEG Media - If you have not heard all the great things about these "Avant Guard" film makers then you need to get out more!

The Trout Bum Diaries won't help you improve your cast or increase your understanding of entomology. But, truth be told, there are tons of other videos available out there that do those things quite well. The Trout Bum Diaries is unique, and what it should do is help rekindle your sense of adventure and further embrace your love of the sport.

Trout Bum Diaries II New Zealand - AEG Media - Take a deeper look into the life of a trout bum on a four-month road trip exploring the gin-clear waters of the South Island of New Zealand. Stalk enormous backcountry browns, fight off monster eels, and sleep with the sand flies in the second instalment of the Trout Bum Diaries series.

Fish Bum I - Mongolia - AEG Media’s Their third feature film, Fish Bum I: Mongolia is packed with extraordinary footage with never before seen river systems hidden deep within the remote reaches of inner Mongolia. AEG Fish Bums: Chris Owens, Thad Robison, Justin Crump and Brian Jill embark on an adventure covering unexplored territory on horseback, camel, bush vehicles and hiking boots all in the search for the largest known trout in the world, the Taimen; a fish of legendary myths and proportions. The vast beauty of Mongolia, the scenery, nature, culture and people that surround the crew is an irresistible experience. Follow along as they search to unlock the secrets, struggles and successes in their attempt to find this elusive fish, as well as examine the threats imposed on this creature from pre-historic times.

Metalhead - The last in the series from AEGMetalhead chronicles the epic journey of five fish bums and their friends as they travel to remote Northwestern wilderness in search of legendary steelhead; the hottest freshwater fish you can catch on a fly rod and also a fish whose survival hangs in the balance. Filmed as an adventure documentary, the fish bums face the challenges of mother-nature, border police and Giardia. This untamed and majestic land offers the best opportunity for an angler to hook into a wild trophy steelhead. If you are lucky enough to land one these incredible fish, you will be forever changed. Follow the dedication, obsession and insanity that drive steelheaders to pursue a fish that is not in the river to feed, a fish known as Metalhead.

Soulfish, - Soulfish is an adventure to the far corners on the globe to try and find the soul of fly-fishing. This is a multi-dimensional story about fly-fishing today & an in-depth look at some of the sport's interesting characters. Experience what it's like & witness some of the most explosive and breathtaking footage ever captured from locations in: Brazil, Mongolia, Belize, Christmas Island, Louisiana, Florida Keys, Utah & California.

The Source New Zealand, Nick Reygaert, - The Source – New Zealand's director, says, ""NZ offers a seemingly limitless amount of variety for fly fishers yet each person enjoys and values the fishery in their own unique way. With The Source – New Zealand we set out to capture those special moments that define a fishing trip and through these get a glimpse of what the Kiwi experience means to each of the featured anglers. For some, it means casting size 18 emergers to delirious brown trout during a blanket hatch, for others it's the triumph of catching a 10lb plus fish on a dry fly, for others it's a jet boat ride into a remote fiord!"

The Source Tasmania, Gin-Clear Media, - A documentary style fly fishing film from 2008/2009. It presents four faces of Tasmanian fly fishing: Springtime sea-trout on the West Coast, springtime mayfly hatches on the northern rivers (featuring Daniel Hackett of RiverFly Tasmania), Headwater creeks, and a trip into the Pillans area of the Western Lakes. The Source is a great dvd that features beautiful filming qualites, a good storyline, and great accompanying music.

The Source Iceland, Gin-Clear Media, - This epic cinematic experience captures the passion & excitement of fly fishers exploring this unique land. Sight fish to salmon in crystal clear rivers, search a remote fiord for arctic char, tempt massive trout from volcanic spring creeks & battle sea trout in the southern rivers.

Joan Wulff - Dynamics of Fly Casting - This is the fly fishing course from which all others are modeled. For the complete beginner this DVD show how to cast by Joan Wulff, one of the world's best casters ever!

Spey DVD's - Spey to Z and Rio's Modern Spey Casting - Both are our most popular DVD's in the Spey genre.

Drift boat Fishing 101 - Jim and Kelly Watt feature Dennis Breer, an accomplished guide on the Green River since the 70's. This DVD applies to drift boating as well as pontoon boats.

Henrik Mortensen #1 The Perfect Cast - All fly fishers dream about the perfect catch. This only happens through a combination between a top-notch cast and the unique ability to fish the fly with ultimate deception, regardless of the conditions. The first step, the art of casting the fly, is the most fundamental building block of a good fly fisher. In this video, you will be exposed to the basics in fly casting and the fundamentals of the underhand casting technique in various situations, while taken on a journey through Iceland at some of the world's finest and most exclusive salmon rivers in the world.

Henrik Mortensen #2 Cracking the CodeWith the second volume in Henrik Mortensen's Fly Fishing Academy, we present you with his fundamental approach to fly fishing, which is based upon total control of the fly. In order to demonstrate various techniques, he chose one of the most prestigious and challenging locations in the world to fish for sea trout, the famed Rio Grande of Tierra del Fuego in the southernmost part of Argentina

Henrik Mortensen #3 Distance and DelicacyIn his third volume of the Fly Fishing Academy, Henrik Mortensen concentrates on the art of salmon fishing - assessing the situation, formulating a strategy and executing the plan. His instructions run the gamut, from reading a river to effectively fishing for the elusive salmon. This edition follows him throughout the entire process of catching salmon under tense and unfamiliar conditions in early season, using real-life scenarios.

Henrik Mortensen #4 The Scandinavian Spey cast 1In this volume, Henrik Mortensen focuses on what he terms "the Scandinavian Spey Cast." To lend perspective, he visits the famous River Dee in Scotland to analyze the historical roots of the traditional Spey cast with a classic Scottish ghillie. He then travels to Canada's beautiful Gaspé Peninsula in Eastern Quebec to illustrate his modern, redefined version with practical implementation on three of the most challenging salmon rivers in the world: Grande Cascapedia, Bonaventure, and Petite Cascapedia. Under sub-optimal conditions of the early season, low water, few fish and very clear rivers, the benefits of the Scandinavian Spey Cast become apparent.

Henrik Mortensen #5 The Scandinavian Spey cast 2In this volume of the Fly Fishing Academy Henrik Mortensen expands on the intriguing Scandinavian casting and fishing style he first presented in volume four. In addition to the overall fishing strategy message, the two foci of the film are efficiently and effectively employing the lift in the cast and the art of dry fly fishing. Henrik demonstrates and explains how important the lift is for the cast, and how by doing an alternative cast, which Henrik dubs the Triple C, one can change the lift and direction of the cast. With this demonstration and detailed explanation it is easy to see how important casting techniques are and how they benefit catching results. To add to the intrigue, Henrik employs the use of the highly practical switch rods, which are becoming more and more popular.

We are patiently awaiting the arrival of the latest Mortensen DVD - "Patterns of Patagonia".

Henrik Mortensen #6 - Patterns of Patagonia We are patiently awaiting the arrival of the latest Mortensen DVD

Henrik Mortensen is back at the world’s finest sea trout river – Rio Grande in Patagonia in southern Argentina in his 6th DVD, a dream come true for any angler! But this time Rio Grande is a genuine nightmare: A swelling, brown river with temperatures several degrees below normal/standards. To most fly fishers that would mean a completely ruined trip, but not to Henrik.

The Hatch - An award winning short documentary of the plight of the Gunnison River where various user groups compete for the same resource. Highlighted is the spectacular Stonefly Hatch and the huge fish that gorge themselves. This hatch and proceeds from the documentary may save the Gunnison.

Chasing Silver - Whether you've ever fished for Tarpon or wish to, this DVD will "Kick your Butt!". Watch as champions Andy Mill and Tim Hoover get beat up by some of the world's most powerful fly caught fish! Contagious!

Florida Bonefish - The Florida Keys…Thousands of square miles of saltwater flats that are the best in the world for sight fishing huge tarpon, bonefish, permit and barracuda. Jake Jordan, veteran Keys guide, shows you the excitement and thrill of sight fishing in the Florida Keys. Bonefish..They come in size "large" in the Keys, often bigger that 8 pounds. These marvellous gamefish explode in 200 yard runs when fooled into taking your fly.

A River Runs Through It - Robert Redford directed this sensitive film of Norman MacLean's acclaimed story about a minister father who uses fly-fishing to relate to his two sons, one of whom is drawn to literature and the other a reckless type heading for danger. This movie motivated thousands to try fly fishing for the first time and many are still hooked. A tribute to all things fly fishing.

Trout Grass - This documentary highlights Hoagy Carmichael on his first visit to China, where he experiences the country's mystical bamboo forests. As a legendary split-cane fly rod craftsman and author of the art's seminal study (A Masters Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod, with Everett Garrison), these far-off lands have fuelled Hoagy's dreams for over 40 years.

While in China we follow the hands of a bamboo importer who travels to a remote Chinese village to individually sort through thousands of bamboo poles. He is looking for poles perfectly suited for bamboo rod makers around the world.

In Montana, we see master-builder Glenn Brackett tap into "the power of unseen hands" in his shop, while converting this hardy piece of grass into a fly rod. The result is an instrument so revered for its strength, precision and beauty one wonders if trout feel lucky when caught and released by one of Glenn's rods.

Tying the Atlantic Classic Salmon Fly - Mike Radenchich, Michael takes you through every step of the tying of the Iconic "Jock Scott"

This DVD is as up close and personal as you will ever get as you learn all the right moves to tie most any Classic

Once in a Blue Moon - In an unpredictable chain of events a mass flowering of the ancient New Zealand Beech forest leads to an excess of seed production. Mice and rodents take advantage of this abundance and numbers reach plague proportions. Incredible footage follows these rodents as they embark on a strange migration, attempting to swim across the expanse of New Zealand's rivers and lakes. There they fall prey to the largest predators in the lake - monster Brown trout. Gorging themselves on swimming mice, these fish become extremely aggressive and grow to epic proportions. For a fly-fishing Angler, this is the stuff dreams are made of.

Catch Magazine - In my humble opinion this is the epitome of "Fish Porn!" Few words, great music, fantastic scenery and lots of beautiful fish on the fly. Dive in.

Season 1 and Season 2 available now.

If you plan to fish the Grand River, you really should consider picking up a copy of Fly Fishing the Grand River by Ian Martin and Jane Rutherford. The product of five years of intensive collecting and identifying, Ian and Jane have summarized their expertise in aquatic entomology in a spiral-bound pocket guide that contains detailed life cycles on more than 25 key insect species on the Grand River. The book is organized chronologically by emergence, from the Hendrickson mayfly of early May to the Giant Cinnamon Sedge of September, and includes sections on terrestrial, crustacean and fish species of importance to the flyfisher. The 64-page book is punctuated throughout with life-size illustrations and suggested imitations, and includes eight pages of color plates. Throw in some background history on the Grand River valley, a detailed map and references, and you have an invaluable resource for the angler and naturalist alike.

The one that got away, Howell Raines The author begins by unreeling his new memoir as a straightforward sequel to "Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis"; it's clear the book was originally conceived as such. But something, and someone, quite different takes over. The disarming, laid-back raconteur who served his material so well in the earlier book is only fitfully present this second time around. Instead, in between and in the midst of further fishing yarns, we encounter the problematic and highly debatable self-justifications and subjective stratagems of the hard-charging man who became the executive editor of The Times on Sept. 5, 2001, served 21 tempestuous months at the top of the newspaper's masthead and was fired in June 2003, together with the managing editor, Gerald M. Boyd, the proximate cause being the fabrications and plagiarisms of a young Times reporter named Jayson Blair.

Advanced Fly Fishing for Steelhead, Deke Meyer All-color book explains the most effective fly-fishing techniques for steelhead and the best contemporary flies to use. Chapters on: fly design; Spey flies; wet-flies; dry-flies; small-stream fishing; shooting heads; winter steelheading; two-handed rods; nymphing; deep drifting flies; and much more. Gorgeous book full of fly tying help and material preparation suggestions, Grand color plates of finest producing flies including pattern descriptions. With technique information and fly patterns presented you should be able to successfully fly fish for steelhead anywhere throughout the year.

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The innovative reel foot design improves the casting balance of the rod by moving the centre of the reel closer to the centre of gravity of the casting stroke. This "supercharged" sealed drag system is surrounded by a bulletproof structure machined from solid barstock aluminum. The beautiful all-new Vanquish reel has three times the stopping power of any previous Waterworks Lamson reel.


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Imitating the strata on the rocks bared by the torrent of the river, Torrent uses a layering system that combines a base layer for comfort, a mid layer for insulation, and an outer layer for weatherproofing. Although we would love to see you in the store to chat and hear your fishing stories, with the rising gas prices, Mail Order is another viable and cost effective option that we offer our customers.


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Those instructions are printed on the custom-designed Complete Hatch fly boxes, so the "secrets" are in your vest pocket, not back in some book on your shelf. Based on entomological studies and years of experience on the stream, I wrote fly-by-fly fishing instructions for every different mayfly collection. I also knew that the behaviors of different mayfly species, dramatically determine where, when and HOW you should fish different flies.