First Aid Products

By: First Aid 101  09-12-2011
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You don't have to buy pre-made first aid kits. You can make your own using items you need and then exclude others. Its also a really good idea to check the dates regularly on some of your first aid products and replace them as necessary.

Some must-have first aid items include:

    There are many other items you may wish to include, depending on your budget and your circumstances. You can never have enough equipment for first aid because every situation is different. Sometimes you may have to wing it as you go. Remember - its always better to be prepared.

    Other first aid items you may require include:

    • Burn gels and blankets
    • CPR training products and CPR kits - unfortunately, you may never know when you need them.
    • Herbal first aid products.
    • Sunburn products

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