Compudata - IT Outsourcing

By: Compu Data  09-12-2011

For Companies that Require the Services of
a Professional IT Department

Since 1995, Compudata has been offering quality, efficient and affordable customer service to
businesses throughout Ontario. Our goal is to offer an I.T. service agreement that gives you
peace of mind, allowing you to be more efficient, while saving you time and money. We can free
you from having to deal with annoying computer problems so you can concentrate on what you
do best - taking care of your business.

We live and breathe computers so you don't have to!

Other products and services from Compu Data


Compudata - Web Hosting & Design

.to elaborate interactive sites featuring back-end content management. Green hosting - wind powered servers.


Compudata - TalkSwitch VOIP

Invest in proven technology that provides a return on investment, and makes business simpler for both your employees and your customers. There are absolutely no expectations or obligations, just a promise that we will help you put money back in your pocket. Having the right tools for your business is crucial, but it shouldn't be a drain on your budget. It's a real solution when it saves you money. How many physical phone lines do you have.


Compudata - Data Recovery

The minimum fee shall be applied to the total hourly cost of the repair should the customer proceed with the repair upon diagnosis. Please provide the name of the encryption program and any extra information that could be helpful in accessing your data. Warranty - Compudata is not responsible for the extent or limitations of the manufacturer's warranty.