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By: Muskoka Roof Truss  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineering Software, Floor Trusses, Engineered Floor

Our engineered floor trusses are custom-designed specifically for each project and application using sophisticated engineering software. Long, clear spans enable the reduction and even elimination of mid-bearing supports.

The open-web design of the floor truss enables the mechanical products to be installed within the floor joist cavity. This eliminates bulk-heads and framing around duct-work. Electrical, telephone and cable wires can be run throughout the floor without drilling and damaging the joist. The greatest advantage to engineered floor trusses is that they are custom-built for the size of the project. No on-site cutting is required to fit the joist, greatly reducing potential closing times and virtually eliminating waste from the joist.

Keywords: Engineered Floor, Engineering Software, Floor Trusses

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Muskoka Roof Truss Co. | Engineered Wood Products

Engineering software enables the products to be custom-designed for each project to increase spans and enhance floor performance. Laminated veneer lumber beams are laminated in a press with all grains parallel with the length of the member. Joists are manufactured with the highest-quality dry lumber and structural adhesives.


Muskoka Roof Truss Co. | Our Services

We supply our partners with a complete package of floor and roof designs which can be submitted with your plans for review by your building department. This enables us to answer any questions you may have, and tackle even the most difficult of jobs. This starts from the design consultation and extends to the quality and accuracy of the trusses. Our designers have an extensive background in framing or architectural design.


Muskoka Roof Truss Co. | Roof Trusses

Advanced roof truss design software enables our professional truss designers to generate complicated roof geometry and calculate the specified loading for custom. Roof trusses have enabled dealers to build more intricate roof shapes in less time and with less waste than using conventional framing practices.


Muskoka Roof Truss Co. | Wall Panels

Wall panels are optimized using state-of-the-art software to design specific panel lengths and window openings that follow the architectural plans. The wall framing portion of the structure can begin before the foundations are poured to facilitate quick closings. Wall panels are built on square, level tables to control quality, reduce waste and save on-site labour cost.