By: Complete Wind  09-12-2011
Keywords: Blades

Once blades are off warranty, it's important that they undergo an annual inspection. The coating of the blade plays an important roll in making sure the blade reaches its intended life expectancy. If problems are caught early, repairs can be scheduled pro-actively vs reactively. As well as inspecting for coating issues, aerodynamic features should also be inspected.


Complete Winds’  Post Warranty  Inspection and Maintenance Program (PWIM) is designed to assist an operator in  the management of a well defined series of proactive and reactive actions aimed at maximizing the performance of a turbines’ blades while controlling costs.

The utilization of CWC’s patent pending vibration testing program combined with exterior inspections using a high powered camera system and interior inspections are designed to effectively detect any conditions that would adversely affect a blades ability to deliver within its rated performance criteria.

Payback benefits would included the ability to take immediate corrective action in response to the detection of defects that could result in catastrophic failure and remedial action to deal with leading and trailing edge faults and blade damage attributable to lightning strikes during planned maintenance cycles. In addition, if excess vibration levels are detected corrective action can be taken that will assist in bringing the turbine to its optimal operating level while reducing the associated negative effects on bearings and gear boxes.

Keywords: Blades