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By: Addison Chevrolet  09-12-2011
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Battery Basics A car battery is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to a vehicle. Automotive starter batteries are usually of lead-acid type and are used to power the starter motor, the lights and the ignition system of a vehicle's engine.

Brake BasicsWe all know that pushing down on the brake pedal slows your vehicle to a stop, but how does your vehicle transmit the force from your foot to the wheels?When you step on the brake pedal, you are actually pushing against a plunger in the master cylinder, which forces the hydraulic brake fluid through a series of tubes and hoses to the braking unit at each wheel. The difference between drum and disc brakesFor drum brakes, the hydraulic brake fluid is forced into the wheel cylinder, which then pushes a set of brake shoes against the inner surface of a rotating brake drum. The rotating drum is connected to the wheel and friction causes it to slow down and stop.For disc brakes, the hydraulic brake fluid flows into a piston, which presses an inboard pad against the rotor. At the same time, the caliper, which holds the piston and brake pads, presses the outboard pad against the rotor. The pads then squeeze the rotor, which is attached to the wheel, forcing your vehicle to slow down or stop.

Tire BasicsUnderstanding proper tire maintenance, selection and safety, starts with knowing the basics: What is a tire? What is it made of? How do tires work?Tires are a driver's first and only contact with the road, transferring actions like steering, braking, accelerating and turning to the road surface. Regardless of the vehicle you drive, the actual contact area (patch) each of your tires has on the road is roughly the size of a postcard, a small amount, to say the least.

Wiper Blade basicsVisibility is fundamental to safe driving, which is why you should always make sure your vehicle's wipers provide you with the cleanest windshield possible.You may need to replace your wiper blades if:

  • Your current blades leave streaks or miss sections of your windshield
  • Your current blades leave a haze on the windshield
  • You haven’t replaced them in the past 12 months or don’t recall ever replacing them.

Oil Change basics Depending on the vehicle you drive, your maintenance schedule may vary. GM technologies such as GM Oil Life System (OLS), which calculates oil deterioration and indicates when an oil change is required, may affect the frequency and type of services required. Goodwrench Service understands your vehicle and its particular maintenance requirements.

Keywords: Brake Pedal, vehicle,