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It is an extra virgin oil whose content of polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, PUFA, surpasses 83%,of which the linolenic acid (an Omega 3 fatty acid) totals 54% while the linoleic acid (an Omega 6 fatty acid) totals 35%.

Our marmalades are all natural and carefully made from exotic and native fruits, to keep their natural vitamins and to taste like homemade recipes. They are available all the year.

Our variety of mousses are an exquisite option to delight the most demanding palates.
These mousses are true gourmet delicacies.

Our exquisite sauces are inspired by the most famous recipes of the traditional Peruvian cuisine.: Lomo saltado (steak sauté), seco (cilantro sauce), cau cau (tumeric and herbs sauce) and escabeche (onions & yellow chilli sautee).
You can make any of these meals, the way as the best peruvian chefs & restaurants do.

Our exceptional quality tapenades are ALL 100% NATURAL, made with the finest freshest ingredients with no preservatives.

These new and exotic dressings are carefully made from from fresh tropical fruits and varietals oils, that provides to our recipes unique and sophisticate flavours. Our exceptional quality products are 100% NATURAL, made with the finest freshest ingredients with no preservatives.

Pisco is a peruvian grape brandy made from the destilation of fresh exclusive grape juice fermentation, following the practices of our ancestors transmited trough generations making our peruvian brandy known worldwide by its taste and by being an "eau de vie" from its beginning. The Pisco Acholado is a mixture of Aromatic and Non aromatic Grapes juice.

Huamani is a Pisco borned in 1890 at the Ica Valley, in the south of Perú. Don Ismael de la Quintana, it's creator, named this delicated liquor "HUAMANI" by his farm, which has the same name and that in quechua means "stone road".
Pisco Huamani started its journey in Perú without being commerced as Don Ismael de la Quintana used it to invite his closer friends.

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Keywords: Grape Brandy, Grape Juice, Sauce,

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