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By: Geoma  09-12-2011
Keywords: Maps, data collection, gps units

GEOMA is the lead contractor to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) supplying forest fire mapping services across Ontario.  Mapping units are provided to the MNR during escalated fire situations.  GEOMA supplies the MNR with three full mapping units, each consisting of a qualified GIS technician equipped with a 42” plotter, 13” x 19” printer, a high end GPS unit, a computer and all supplies necessary to carry out mapping and GPS services for extended periods of time. GEOMA uses the most up-to-date versions of ESRI’s ArcGIS Software.

Our mapping technicians work for extended periods of time in various environments such as tents, trailers, forward attack bases or at MNR Forest Fire Management Centers. Data transfer to and from GPS units and data collection using highly accurate Trimble GPS units are provided to the MNR’s fire staff giving them the most current, updated information from the field. Fire mapping technicians are responsible for creating maps such as fire perimeter, progression, suppression, values maps, as well as several other maps.

Map products, information updates and data collection are completed under tight time constraints and are required to be very accurate since the products produced are often used for information planning, involving ground and aviation attack purposes. Our mapping technicians’ knowledge, creativity and troubleshooting skills always meet or exceed the MNR’s mapping needs.

Keywords: data collection, gps units, Maps

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Utilizing internet mapping technology, GEOMA has developed and hosts a web-based GIS mapping application for Municipalities that features many time-saving tools and a user-friendly interface which allows Municipal staff to access GIS data including municipal infrastructure, parcel fabric, natural features, assessment roll data and much more.


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GEOMA, as part of the Greenstone Mineral Development Initiative, has developed a central repository for available mining information that will allow interested residents, prospectors and mineral exploration companies access to all GIS data and historic documentation of mining and exploration activity in the area.


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Our Contex G600 colour scanner produces high quality scans of any type of document up to 42” in width and up to 1.5” in thickness. Scan-to-File Our scan-to-file services are perfect for any digital archiving for preservation projects. Quality and colour options enable your documents to be digitally archived to any desired specification. Scan-to-Print This service involves the scanning and re-printing of documents.


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We use only genuine ink supplies engineered for our printers and are able to obtain any quality of paper required for your project. Large maps, parade float signs, banners and a wide variety of advertising posters have been created by GEOMA. Maps, posters, pictures, charts and banners up to 42” wide and 150 feet in length can be produced. GEOMA is capable of producing high quality, large format prints up to 2400 x 1200 dpi.


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The courses are tailored to the skill levels and needs of the groups in attendance, which have included recreational users, forest fire fighters and municipal staff. GEOMA can provide GPS units for the practical portion of the training sessions.