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By: Egmond Associates  09-12-2011
Keywords: Design And Installation, modelling, storm water


Do you have problems with flooding? Do you have problems with sediment or contaminant control in storm water? If so, our modelling and technology may be of assistance to you. We have technological approach to reduce runoff volumes and contaminant volumes leaving your site. We can carry out flow modelling as part of the design and installation of our proprietary technology.


EAL can carry out modelling using its MAINTEMP program, using conventional storm and groundwater modelling, and using the rational method our using your models. Have a parking area with a flow problem? Need to control volumes? Have problems with sediments? If so, we can carry out site sampling and site modelling.


Our patented unit, for capturing, treating, and releasing water to the vadose zone can achieve significant reductions in flows and in contaminants leaving the site.

It can be combined with oil interceptors. For most design storms, provided the vadose zone is adequate, we can design a system that can reduce off site to discharge to near zero. The initial and final off site hydrographs for a rainfall in are shown. The larger the discharge to SAGES™, the lower the ponding or off site flow.

Our cartridges are easy to remove and install. Our system can be installed into old systems, or used as part of upgrades. The system is a US EPA Class V well.

Keywords: Design And Installation, modelling, storm water