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By: Concord North  09-12-2011

(updated 3/10/2011)

Computer Services

PCN has an industry-low hourly rate of $35 per hour for technical support and services.

Site visits, which are appropriate in some circumstances, may add to overall service charges. This charge is negotiated prior to any visit, and is based on a $20 per hour travel rate.

Add GST and PST to any product purchased. Add GST only to any labour. All pricing is in Canadian dollars..

Though no two computers are alike, many services are routine, so PCN now lists some general pricing for the most common servies offered. Please see below..

Free inspection..

There is no charge for any inspection or quote. If you are having a problem with your PC or you would like to know what kind of upgrades or repairs can be performed on it, call for an appointment and bring "just the box" in for an inspection and recommendations.

The inspection includes :

  • visual inspection of the case exterior and interior for faults
  • identification of key components for comparison to modern standards
  • walk-through of PC startup and standard operation to look for potential problems
  • cursory examination of programs and files in regards to potential optimization
  • tips on self care and recommendations for future use

Typical PC cleanup service.. $75.

This service is applicable to any version of Windows. The job generally includes..

  • preliminary assessment, to determine where potential problems with upgrades or repairs may arise
  • identification and removal of all malware (a larger descriptor which includes adware, spyware)
  • identification and removal of all viruses (using an external virus-scanning technique)
  • identification and removal of other potentially harmful, or unneeded, programs
  • optimization of Windows operating system settings and appearance
  • optimization of the way data- and system files are organized
  • optimization of Windows startup settings and sequence
  • examination and optimization of BIOS settings
  • cleaning of the interior and exterior of the case

This service also includes..

  • installation of all available downloadable Microsoft updates
  • a brief tutoring session on the new PC arrangement and any of the new utilities
  • recommendations of behavioural changes that would benefit the PC's users
  • recommendations of hardware upgrades that may be beneficial

* Note : not all PCs that come in for repair are in a condition where data files can be saved.

* Note : there is no warranty against data loss. Appropriate precautions are taken, and a variety of techniques are used to safeguard data, but there may come a time in which data loss becomes highly likely or inevitable. If data loss is of high concern, additional measures may need be taken. If data recovery is required, this can be arranged.

Hardware upgrades..

New computers should have an expected life and be serviceable for perhaps four to seven years, but during that time advances in available technology may bring about the availability of now-economical components or the early obsolescence of old computer components. It is sometimes a shame to throw out components of an aged computer that have not reached the end of their useful lives, so workaround hardware upgrades can be an attractive option over the outright replacement of a PC.

1) New computer cases have gotten smaller and draw less power. Getting a newer case can recover desk space. When power supplies fail or fans need replacing, consider getting a new, smaller one.

2) Adding memory is a popular upgrade. Windows has grown considerably and a minimum 750 MB of RAM with Windows XP is advised. Windows Vista and Windows 7 can take advantage of 2GB and 4GB. Gamers and video editors can require more. Always compare the price of the memory you have to get for the upgrade with the kind of RAM going into modern PCs. You may find that the cost of the older RAM is prohibitive - RDRAM, for example, is very expensive, and you may be better off getting a new motherboard, CPU and RAM instead.

4) Motherboard replacements can be economical if increasing RAM means buying slower, expensive chips, or buying a hard drive means buying an IDE. A serviceable motherboard may cost only $60, a decent CPU may add less than $100, and a good amount of modern RAM may add just $30. Labour would include making a data backup, noting software keys and drivers, removing and replacing these three components, and performing a "repair install" of Windows - perhaps $75. Weigh the benefit of this against buying an old-style replacement part and not moving forward.

5) Adding a DVD-RW is a short task, and should be doable for just 15 minutes labour.

Each of these tasks should be performable without difficulty, but each of these tasks can also be used as illustrations of upgrades gone awry. Cases with inadequate power supplies, BIOSes that won't recognize new objects, hard drives with uncopyable flaws or errors, or oversized older components that won't fit in new cases may complicate upgrades and increase their cost.

So, please take advantage of the free inspection service described above to see if the kind of upgrade you would like to do is possible.

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