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By: Cm Lighting  09-12-2011
Keywords: Lighting, parking lot

Group re-lamping consists of replacing all the lamps in a building or parking lot at the same time. Lamps that are near the end of their life contribute to the loss of effective lighting and can lead to expensive repairs.

Regularly scheduled group re-lamping is an economic method of preventing this possibility from occurring in your workplace. When re-lamped as a group, the loss of lighting due to this factor is minimized, and it is less expensive than repeatedly replacing burnt out lamps.

Generally speaking, re-lamping is recommended at 70% of rated life. After this point, output diminishes, and a significant number of burnouts begin to take place.

Inside a facility, a drop in lighting effectiveness can impact employee productivity, and alter a customer's perceptions, possibly diminishing the attractiveness of your products. Outside, it becomes a safety issue that affects both customers and employees. Group re-lamping and scheduled maintenance is a pro-active approach to prevent such matters of concern.

Keywords: Lighting, parking lot

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