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Keywords: engine, snowmobile, Used Snowmobile

  • *Engine rebuilds (2stroke&4stroke) *Specializing in Kawasaki engines* BRUTE FORCE
  • Snowmobile engine rebuilds- We have lots of used snowmobile parts to SAVE you money.  We offer 30 day warranty on all engine rebuild.
  • Crankshaft Repairs (connecting rod, bearing, balancing)
  • valve adjustments, carb synchronizing, camshaft replacement,
  • fork seals replacing & suspension rebuild( kayaba, showa)
  • tune ups (oil/filter, belt adjustment, replacement of all fluids, ect.)
  • aftermarket add on's ( exhaust systems, jet kits, camshafts, clutch kits, ect..)
  • We also repair cylinders (cast iron& Nikasil cylinders) and cylinder heads(valve replacing, seals,guides,..)
  • Track replacement, sliders, idler wheels, drive shafts, carb adjustments, clutch tuning, ect.

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full inspection of your snowmobile

  • top up all fluids
  • grease all grease fittings
  • inspect chaincase oil-top up and adjust chain tension
  • clean clutch sheaves/inspect for wear/ adjust belt deflection
  • Inspect under caridge/ suspension/ idler wheel bearings for any sign of wear
  • Adjust track tension and alignement, inspect for wear
  • Replace spark plugs and gap to spec
  • Run engine and inspect running condition
*additionnal repairs and parts are extra*


  • Oil & Filter change,
  • Front and Rear diff oil inspection/top up,
  • Clean & Oil air filter,
  • Inspection of wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rod ends, brakes pads, swing arm bearings, u-joints,
  • Top up all fluids,
  • Lubricate pivots, cables, linkages, grease fittings,
  • Tire inspection & air pressure adjustement
  • Idle speed adjustment
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Keywords: engine, snowmobile, Used Snowmobile