wood shavings

By: Gmcfeeters  09-12-2011
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Our Products

Animal bedding is our specialty and whatever product you decide to select based on your personal preferences, you can rest assured that the utmost care as been used in it's preparation and/or manufacturing.


Whether you need 'turkey nesting material', 'broiler bedding', or bedding for your minks and other members of the 'mustelidae' family, we understand what you mean, and the proper type and grade of shavings will be bagged specifically for your end use.

We are a vertical operation and as such we have complete control on the material we package in our state-of-the-art bagging facility.

For general stable and horse bedding, we offer two different blends of softwood shavings; in both cases, only the highest quality, very low dust material bas been selected. The only difference is in the ratios of 'fines' and 'flakes'.

Our Blue Tree bag offers a larger concentration of fine shavings. Easier to sift through the muck fork, greater absorbency, won't clog the drain of a barn equipped with a "flush system". A favourite of the Dairy Industry.Our Green Tree bag offers a higher ratio of flaky material and remains the number one pick of the discriminating horse owner.Our standard packaging for our shavings is: 48 bags per pallet, each pallet is capped and wrapped, each bag is sealed and U.V. resistant. Resulting in a weather proofed unit fit for outdoor storage. "Mix and Match" loads of Blue and Green bags available.


In developing our "pellet bedding" we had one goal in mind: keep up with the tradition of using exclusively pure, natural softwood material in its manufacturing. Our manufacturing process eliminates the very fine, airborne, powdery wood dust that is so detrimental for the equine respiratory system. Aspen and pine are used exclusively. It is the ideal bedding for the horse owner with limited storage and composting space. The pellets are also great used as a liner under a top layer of shavings.Our standard packaging for our pellets is: 50 bags of 40 lbs each per pallet, each pallet is capped and wrapped allowing for outdoor storage."Mix and Match" loads with our shavings can be arranged

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