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By: Intercept Home Watch  09-12-2011
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Our experience tells us that most insurance companies require regular inspections for residences which are unoccupied for any length of time. In most policies examined, 72 to 96 hours between documented visits to the home is the average. For those who leave for extended periods during cold months where freezing of water pipes may be an issue, Insurers strongly recommend specific standards be met.

Should you be absent for a few days or for an extended period of time, we understand that your investment requires care and attention so that your time away is worry free. We strongly recommend you contact your Insurer for your policies' specifics.

You and your home are one of a kind and Intercept Home Watch will provide you with  a customized list of services tailored to your needs and those recommended by your Insurer.

Our basic package offers a

Weekly Home Inspection

. We invite you to review our

for a detailed description of our services.

Intercept Home Watch offers

On Call Emergency Services

. Intercept Home Watch is your on call contact  for any emergency response calls for Police, Fire, or Residential Alarm System. We act as your on site representative to handle these anxious moments on your behalf.

You lead a busy life, and things still need to get done while you are away. Intercept Home Watch is your on site representative and liason for tradesmen, deliveries, home repairs/maintenance. Intercept Home Watch understands that, on occasion, you may also require our

Wait Service

in the event that an on site wait time of more than 1 hour may be required to receive deliveries, etc.

Intercept Home Watch offers a

Storm Watch

service and will respond within 12 hours of any major storm to inspect your home. Intercept Home Watch will reset pilot lights, security systems, timers, and remove any light debris from your property.

Intercept Home Watch offers a

Welcome Home

service and is happy to arrange the specific services you need to ensure your home is comfortable and ready for your return.

Keywords: Emergency Response, Home Watch, Insurance Companies, Residences, Residential Alarm, Watch Service