Wireless Solar Surveillance Systems

By: Rsscctv / Remarkable Surveillance Systems / Reliable Security Systems  07-02-2013
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Wireless Solar Surveillance Systems are of the latest and greatest CCTV Security Systems available in todays 'ever evolving' Security Surveillance Systems market.

Although the initial 'upfront' material and labor costs are somewhat substantial for the installation of a Wireless Solar Security System, these costs are often quite competitive with the alternative cost of 'trenching' or otherwise running cable or fiber optic lines to remote or hard to access locations.

The Solar Powered Wireless CCTV Camera Systems can be installed where digging and trenching are determined to be unfeasible or too costly. The stand-alone Solar Powered Wireless Surveillance Camera System operates on solar power and transmits video data wirelessly to a convenient location where video can be monitored and recorded providing wireless video monitoring for a variety of applications including but not limited to agriculture, highways, construction sites, ranches, pipelines and even residential applications.

The Earth-friendliness of the Wireless Solar Surveillance System, however, is another major factor to consider in the purchase of the Wireless Solar Surveillance System. This is considerable when you consider, for example, the preservation of protected geographical and wildlife areas as Wireless Solar CCTV Security Systems have enabled parks, wildlife sanctuaries and reserves to monitor these areas for trespassing, illegal waste dumping, vandalism and crowd control. This was something that had been previously out of the question due to the prohibitive upfront costs of material and labor as well as environmental damage that would result from the installation of a standard 'cabled' surveillance system. In these cases, wildlife authorities have been unwilling or unable to dig and trench through protected areas, making the wireless solar surveillance systems the perfect fit for their needs. Because they are solar powered, the wireless solar surveillance systems do not contribute to CO2 emissions. They also further prevent CO2 emissions by eliminating the need to operate gas-powered machinery that is used for digging and trenching electrical or fiber-optic cable lines.

Cellular Uplink Options:

All Wireless Solar Powered IP Camera Systems are compatible with Cellular Uplink Modems that can be used with a variety of carriers in the U.S. including Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and more. Most international carriers are compatible by default as they use the GSM Cellular Uplink system.

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