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By: Niagara Hvac Design  09-12-2011
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Heat Loss/Gain Calculations-Load Calculations

Heat Loss / Gain Calculations are the basis for system design. Accurate calculations and analysis are necessary to correctly size system components. Comfort, efficiency and reliability are closely related to the correct sizing and selection of heating equipment. When equipment is oversized, efficiency is reduced, operating costs soar and climate control is lessened. Niagara HVAC Design calculates Heat Loss/ Gain using CAN/CSA-F280 in accordance with Ontario Building Code.

Duct Design

Duct Design encompasses many factors of the design process. Consideration to Load Calculations, system zoning, duct (branch and trunk) sizing and structure layout.

All duct designs are developed in good engineering practice with reference to ASHRAE handbooks and HRAI Residential Air System Design.

Ventilation Design

In recent years indoor are quality has become a concern in all types of buildings, including homes. Advancements in construction and construction materials have diminished the effectiveness of natural ventilation (windows) to necessitate mechanical ventilation to remove materials detrimental to the comfort and well being of building occupants. Select Niagara HVAC Designs to ensure you home is safe from odours, chemical and biological pollutants and excess humidity. All designs in accordance with CAN/CSA F326, HRAI Digest and Ontario Building Code.

HVAC Blueprinting

Existing HVAC system not working right? Considering a new furnace? Tired of high energy bills and poor performance? The solution may be HVAC System Blueprinting . This is a process which is designed to bring the existing system up to its best possible operating capability and involves:

  • Calculating actual heating & cooling requirements for each room/zone.
  • Measuring the actual airflow and heating/cooling delivery to each room/zone.
  • Adjusting the system to deliver as closely as possible the correct amount of heating/cooling in each zone

Keywords: Duct Design, Heating, Hvac Design, Ventilation