By: Peirce Educational  09-12-2011
Keywords: Counselling

Dr. Peirce offers a variety of services in three main areas: 1) Educational/Career Counselling, 2) Peer Helper development programs, and 3) Educational Administration Consulting. Descriptions of various services are explained below. Dr. Peirce conducts workshops, retreats and training sessions in all of these areas.

Workshops & Presentations
Study / Examination Preparation Workshops
For many students, examinations and tests are the most stressful educational situations they face. Often, utilizing simple but effective preparation techniques is all that is needed.  Dr. Peirce conducts interactive workshops educating and encouraging students to use solid study techniques to allow them to show their true academic potential.

Post-Secondary Decision-Making Presentations

Consulting & Counselling
Educational Counselling
Much of Dr. Peirce’s education and counseling career has focused on educational decision making. He has a great deal of experience working with students applying to Canadian, American and British universities. His approach focuses on teaching his clients how to effectively research and make their decisions as well as how to best represent themselves on their applications.
Career Counselling & Résumé Design
Effective career decision making involves knowing oneself and understanding how aptitude, personality, interests and values impact career satisfaction. Dr. Peirce works with clients enabling them to be introspective and aware as they consider their potential career path.
Educational Administration Consulting
Dr. Peirce has extensive educational administrative experience in policy implementation, strategic planning, faculty and departmental evaluation, evaluation methods, curriculum planning and support services. He provides advice and support to clients who are implementing change within their institutions.

Keywords: Counselling