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By: Gibson Excavating  09-12-2011
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Gibson Excavating provides free telephone and on site consultations to prospective customers.

Consistently it is the policy of Gibson Excavating to advise the potential customer of our understanding of current legislation affecting the site. It has been our practice to involve landowners in the consultation process with the appropriate authorities. We may make a referral to a consultant who can assist in interpreting legislation and applying it to a specific situation.

Management of the project is handled by experienced personnel who keep the landowner informed of site progress. This allows flexibility for change during the construction.


The use of draglines versus traditional backhoes is more cost efficient for the customer because of the reach capabilities of the dragline Often a backhoe would move the material twice or more to clear a site 50-60 feet across. The dragline reaches out sixty feet and swings around to cast the same distance the other way for a combined distance of one hundred twenty feet. Each piece of equipment has its capabilities and limitations.

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Keywords: Free Telephone