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The majority of people develop cancer and heart disease in their lifetime, about 45% and 65% respectively. Anything we can do to prevent these diseases from developing is a good investment. It is a proven, scientific fact that diseases are more likely to develop in a toxic body, than a clean body! An ideal way to detoxify totally, from head to toe, is through daily perspiration.

Perspiration and the benefits of internal cleansing have been known, proven and practiced for thousands of years. It is even more important to practice this today, because of the toxic, sedentary and stressful environment of modern society.

Everyone nowadays needs an optimum detoxification chamber to cleanse their body of man-made pollutants and toxins. The reason this is so important is because, man-made pollutants and toxins undermine the ability of every cell in the body to reproduce itself in a healthy manner. Did you know that cells are always reproducing themselves and dying off, just like people? There are trillions of cells in the body some of which, like blood cells live for hours, other cells live for months, and some cells live for years, like bone cells the longest living cells in the body. If the cell is clean and healthy it will reproduce a clean, healthy cell. If the cell contains pollutants and toxins, its offspring can be damaged and unhealthy. This creates an overall state of deconditioning and degeneration in the person's body. This is the cause of degenerative conditions, including accelerated and pre-mature aging. Degenerative conditions take years to develop and are not contagious. The other type of disease is infectious disease. Infectious diseases develop quickly and spread from person to person, because they are caused by bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms.

The good news is, by heating the body core in a detoxification chamber we are able to cleanse the body through the lymph system, the skin, lungs, bowel and bladder, because all the channels of elimination are stimulated by the increase of body core temperature. This happens best in a Far Infrared sauna, but also a Traditional sauna, Steam bath or Hot Tub can be used. The end result is that pollutants and toxins are removed from the cells and tissues of the body on a regular basis, and therefore the trillions of cells in the body can reproduce healthy, youthful offspring.


We offer 3 different series of Far Infrared sauna models

The “Max” Series saunas have a double wall and are a circular or oval shape. They give you an extremely efficient and effective Far Infrared experience. Available sizes: 4X4 & 4x6.

The “Premium” Series saunas have a double wall and are a square or rectangular shape. These saunas are esthetically pleasing because of the all-glass front. Available sizes: 4x4, 4x5 & 4x6.

The “Horizon” Series saunas have a single wall and are a square or rectangular shape. These saunas are a lower investment because there is less wood and fewer emitters. Available sizes: 4x4 & 4x5.
All saunas are available in solid Cedar or Poplar wood.

Saunacore is one of the world’s most extensive manufacturer of sauna products. They have been in the sauna industry since the early 80’s, and with years of producing quality products, they have become one of the largest manufacturers with the most unique line of saunas available to the industry. You can find their products all over the world.

All Saunacore saunas are manufactured in North America and meet with CSA, UL, and CE standards. This means that you can be assured of the best quality, durability, safety, manufacturing, and design.

To be without a Saunacore Far Infrared Sauna is to be without all of the sunshine that you need, and to miss out on optimum health!


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