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By: Kuzuka  09-12-2011

Green conferences and events are becoming increasingly popular with a public that is more aware of the environmental impact of the products and services they use than ever before.

But in addition to the environmental benefits of hosting a green conference or event, there are some great business reasons to do it as well:

  • Cost Savings: Going green means using your resources more efficiently. Any time you can reduce your waste generation, water consumption, electricity usage, or fuel combustion you will be having a direct impact on the bottom line that can reduce your event’s operating costs by 20% or more!
  • Great Marketing and PR: An event with a minimal environmental impact is a great story to tell and could entice a greater number of attendees that are interested in supporting eco-friendly events
  • Innovative Sponsorship Opportunities: Businesses with eco-friendly services or products are eager to serve as sponsors for green events which could help to further reduce the event’s costs 

KUZUKA can help you plan green events of any size, ranging from indoor conferences to outdoor festivals. We will work closely with event organizers from the early planning stages through the actual event itself.

View our comprehensive environmental scorecard that we custom created for a large tourism association.

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Stephen has contributed to geospatial projects that address a wide range of land use issues, including avian influenza risk assessment, forest fire monitoring, greenhouse gas emissions, precision agriculture, and water quality monitoring.


Greenhouse Gas Inventories | KUZUKA • wake up • emerge • grow

KUZUKA follows the guidelines set forth in the leading industry protocols and standards, including ISO 14064, the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol, and the Climate Registry General Reporting Protocol. KUZUKA is involved in the development of greenhouse gas inventories in a wide range of industry sectors, including manufacturing, education, food and beverage services, and tourism.


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Carbon offsets allow businesses or individuals to lessen their carbon footprint by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at another location. Concerns over climate change have led to a critical need for cost-effective and reliable tools to observe the earth. A greenhouse gas inventory is the tool to evaluate, report and reduce your organization's footprint. Every business has a carbon footprint.


Carbon Offsets | KUZUKA • wake up • emerge • grow

Our project development process will validate the GHG emission reductions that will be generated by your project and will ensure that it conforms to ISO-14064-2 standards and the relevant protocol that is being followed, including CCAR, the Voluntary Carbon Standard, or the Alberta Offset System Quantification Protocols.


Sustainability Consulting | KUZUKA • wake up • emerge • grow

KUZUKA has provided strategic sustainability planning services in a number of industry sectors, including agriculture, wineries, manufacturing, and tourism. KUZUKA can identify potential opportunities and risks for our clients so that they can emerge as leaders in the low carbon economy. Organizations that invest in comprehensive sustainability planning will position themselves with a competitive advantage. Life cycle assessments of products.