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By: Kuzuka  09-12-2011
Keywords: Feasibility Studies

Project Development

KUZUKA has extensive knowledge of the existing and emerging carbon credit markets and the project protocol requirements of the leading carbon offset methodologies. Our project development process will validate the GHG emission reductions that will be generated by your project and will ensure that it conforms to ISO-14064-2 standards and the relevant protocol that is being followed, including CCAR, the Voluntary Carbon Standard, or the Alberta Offset System Quantification Protocols.

KUZUKA focuses on land-use based carbon credit projects, including agricultural soil management and afforestation.

In the initial planning stages of your carbon credit project KUZUKA can provide a cost-effective feasibility assessment of the potential GHG emission reductions that could be generated from your project. Before investing in the actual project development process, KUZUKA’s feasibility studies can identify gaps in project management, project design, financing, and other critical linkages that could undermine the success of the proposed project.

Carbon Offset Sales

The voluntary carbon offset market can be confusing to navigate. KUZUKA’s experience in the carbon offset market allows us to provide our clients with a wealth of information and guidance to find the quality offset projects that are the best fit for the organization’s needs. KUZUKA is an authorized reseller for a network of the world’s leading carbon offset retailers that allow us to offer our clients a diverse selection of high-quality carbon offsets.

Green Shipping Programs for On-line Retailers

KUZUKA develops Green Shipping Programs for on-line retailers to counterbalance the environmental impacts of shipping. This is achieved through small incremental donations for each delivery by the customer and/or the retailer to high-quality environmental projects. KUZUKA’s Green Shipping Program is a low-cost and high-profile promotional opportunity for on-line retailers to enhance their environmental profile.

KUZUKA works with on-line retailers to structure the optimal Green Shipping Program for their customer base. This includes an assessment of the environmental impact of a typical delivery, a recommended pricing point for donations, selection of a project(s) that would resonate with the on-line retailer’s customer base, and calculation of the benefits achieved by the program (e.g. hectares of forest planted, tonnes of GHG emissions avoided).

Keywords: Feasibility Studies

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Stephen has contributed to geospatial projects that address a wide range of land use issues, including avian influenza risk assessment, forest fire monitoring, greenhouse gas emissions, precision agriculture, and water quality monitoring.


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Any time you can reduce your waste generation, water consumption, electricity usage, or fuel combustion you will be having a direct impact on the bottom line that can reduce your event’s operating costs by 20% or more. Innovative Sponsorship Opportunities: Businesses with eco-friendly services or products are eager to serve as sponsors for green events which could help to further reduce the event’s costs.


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Carbon offsets allow businesses or individuals to lessen their carbon footprint by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions at another location. Concerns over climate change have led to a critical need for cost-effective and reliable tools to observe the earth. A greenhouse gas inventory is the tool to evaluate, report and reduce your organization's footprint. Every business has a carbon footprint.


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