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APPOINTMENTS - Day, Evening, and Weekend

MASSAGE DETOX FOOT BATH   This service consists of inserting one's feet into a basin of warm salt water alongside a Ionizing unit which is battery powered. The Ionizer creates energy by altering the electron and proton load in the water to create an electromagnetic environment in the water. The energy charge is absorbed through the feet, flowing up the meridians to the various organs. This causes an energizing and 'balancing' in the body which then enables a release of toxins into the water. The result of this will be seen as colour changes occurring in the water. An herbal mineral supplement is provided at the end of the session to replenish what might also have been released through the process. The treatment takes place sitting by the natural gas stove while listening to your choice of relaxing music.
The Ionizer is not a medical device and should not be used in place of medical treatment. It can not be used to treat anyone with heart conditions, organ transplants, chronic or recurring medical conditions or is pregnant or lactating. The most it should be used is every other day for 10 - 65 years and every third day for over 65 years.
$35 /session - 23 min. $40 /session using distilled water RIFE TECHOLOGY   A therapy available with the foot detox machine using resonance frequencies to kill pathogens, stimulate organs and alter moods by way of electromagnetic waves. All elements have their own specific frequency and Dr. Raymond Rife spent many years to find the exact frequencies needed to kill viruses and other microbes. Google 'Rife'on the internet.
$35 / session - times vary from 2min - 20min. EAR CANDLING Ear Candling, sometimes called Auricualar Therapy, is a natural healing art. It's main purpose is to clean the ears and to bring balance to the ear, nose and throat areas. 100% beeswax candles are placed in the ear and lit. The combustion process produces warmth within the ear causing atmospheric change bringing relief to the sinus cavities and sensation of clearing, release and promotes circulation.
$35 /session - 1 hr. (both ears have to be done) EFT - EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE

Session length will vary depending upon treatment needed

Phone Session - OTHER ENERGY PRACTICES I ncorporated into Judy's practice - Reiki 1, Therapeutic Touch Levels 1&2, Integrated Energy Therapy level 1, Qigong Heartfelt Ceremonies
Judy is an ordained minister with All Seasons Church of Canada and is therefore licensed to officiate weddings in Ontario on their behalf. All varieties of ceremonies and rituals are offered whether you desire a wedding, baptism or funeral. Individuality and creativity are held sacred so ceremonies may be civil, spiritual or your own creation. Your wedding ceremony expresses you and the forms to be signed express the legal government aspect.Take a look at this 'you tube' video to see just how creative some people can be.Bookings need to be made through
WEDDINGS: at the All Seasons web site is a list of various wedding styles which offer you a starting point in creating exactly what you visualize as your perfect ceremony Speaking E ngagements
Judy is available to speak, demonstrate and present any of the above that may be of interest to your group or organization. Arrangements need to be made well ahead of time to put it on her schedule. Rates vary according to the request.Laughter Therapy Presentations are free for non-profit groups and organizations. Business and corporations have a fee of $70/1hr. and $40 1/2 hr plus mileage.

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Keywords: ceremonies