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By: Digisplint  09-12-2011
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DS Anti-Swan Neck Splint

The DS Anti-Swan Neck Splint can be used on the PIP joints (closest to the big knuckles) as well as the DIP joints (closest to the fingernail) of the fingers as well as the IP joint (closest to the finger nail) of the thumb.

This splint will stop the hyper extension (bending up too far) of these joints and keep the finger in a neutral (straight ) or slightly flexed position.  While wearing this splint you will be able to maintain full flexion of the finger.

Commonly used in different forms of Arthritis it is also beneficial in cases of Ehrols Danlos Syndrome or other dysfunction of hyper mobility.  It is also used to stabilize finger damaged by injury or surgeries to the tendons of the finger.

The DS Anti-Swan Neck Splint can be adjusted by spreading the rings further apart for a tighter fit or squeezing them together for a looser fit.  In the case of enlarged joints, an anchor ring or round ring can be added to the proximal end of the splint to keep it in place.

Occasionally, when the joint has been in a hyper extended position for a long time, the top of t rings can dig into the skin on the top of the finger and cause discomfort.  In these cases, Digisplint can add pressure plates to the splint which make the top of the splint much wider spreading the pressure over a wider area making the splint much more comfortable to wear.

Keywords: Splint