By: Andrews And Shortill  09-12-2011
Keywords: septic tank, Biofilter

Waterloo Biofilter

Low Maintenance: The non-biodegradeable filter medium normally does not require cleaning or changing (expected life span is 20-30 years).

Small Footprint: Effective treatment in an area 5-10 times smaller that that of sand, soil, or peat beds; and 10-50 times smaller with recirculation or deeper beds, especially useful for larger systems.

Low Energy: Small intermittent pump is the only energy requirement.

Bedrock, clay, swamp, small lot: Our small Biofilter and new disposal means can be placed virtually anywhere.

Recoverable: Easy to recover if the septic tank fails, unlike sand filters or conventional tile beds.

No solids production: Our unique aerobic-anoxic trickle filter process produces no sludge to pump out.

Various Configurations: The versatility of the Biofilter minimizes tree cutting and excavation: it will fit your requirements, not the opposite.

High hydraulic loading: The Biofilter has no hydraulic limitations - will not plug or flood by infiltration caused by groundwater or leaky toilets, unlike sand, soil, or peat.

Fully Scalable: Sizes range from 1m3/day to 350m3/day, or more.

Re-useable: Biofilter effluent is being re-used for toilets, laundry, baths, gardening, and irrigation - no one else does that!

Arctic of Caribbean: Developed and operated with Canada's winter in mind.

Attractive and Concealed designs: No unsightly mounds in your front or back yard.  Out of sight in a below ground tank or housed in an attractive cedar or vinyl shed.

Premier Tech

Since 1986, PREMIER TECH ENVIRONMENT has devoted considerable energy to the research, development and innovation of leading-edge onsite wastewater treatment technologies. A recognized leader in this field thanks to its innovative technologies, PREMIER TECH ENVIRONMENT offers its customers simple, efficient and economical technologies that require minimum operation and maintenance.

Keywords: Biofilter, septic tank