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By admin, on April 9th, 2010

Check Out the Latest Trends in Wedding Cake Toppers!

The wedding cake is most definitely an important part of the day! You want it to look fantastic. However, originality is also important. There are some couples that will take months to choose the right cake topper. Others know exactly what they want. It’s obviously the happy couple’s choice. Here are some of the latest trends in cake toppers and some tips to help choose just the perfect one!

The Traditional Cake Topper

By admin, on April 8th, 2010

Wedding cakes in the marriage ceremony have been around for many years. It is believed that during the Roman times, a simple cake was made from wheat or barley. During the marriage ceremony, the groom would eat a piece of the cake and then he would break the rest over the head of the bride. The breaking of the bread over the brides head was said to be a sign of good fortune, long life and to having many children.

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The dream wedding cake is a vision of sheer loveliness with roses and beads, ribbons and curlicues, and all the stuff that makes wedding cakes a feast for the senses. But then disasters can happen to the best of them; here are useful tips to avoid a smashed wedding cake and other cake catastrophes of epic proportions.

The Expert is always the Best Choice

By admin, on April 6th, 2010

Weddings need not stick to the traditional way that it is carried out. Today, you can veer away from the strict code of weddings.

One way of making your wedding unique is by putting a personalized touch on your wedding cake. Remember that today, wedding cakes need not be all white – unlike in the olden times. So with color alone, there’s a lot that you can do.

Theme Alignment

By admin, on April 5th, 2010

Weddings won’t be complete without wedding dresses and wedding favours. In the same way, this very important day in your life won’t mean that much without wedding cakes. The wedding decorations – Toronto or elsewhere – will also add to the festivity of the moment.

Wedding cakes are an important part of the wedding ceremony. The slicing of the cake is very symbolic – representing the very first thing that the couple does together. As such, this tradition talks about commitment and unity.

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When we talk about outdoor wedding, there are plenty of choices. For example, you may consider having a wedding in a garden. In fact, another popular choice for outdoor wedding is a beach theme wedding.

By admin, on April 2nd, 2010

So you are getting married? There is a laundry list of items to get started on. Who will be your photographer, what dress do you want, where will you honeymoon, the list goes on. These are all exciting new things think about before you and your fianc?alk down the sacred aisle and make promises to one another.

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This is why along with the choice of wedding dress, favors, accessories, it is also necessary to pay attention on the wedding cake and spend considerable amount of time with the wedding cake toppers. We take care to ascertain that all factors associated with wedding are made perfect and this includes the food and cake as well. One wedding ceremony may be extensively formal as well as elegant with the presence of all the traditional elements.


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