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By: Tepsmart Technology  09-12-2011
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Plate Heat Exchanger

TEPSMART's highly effective and efficient heat exchanging equipment is made of high quality stainless steel and sealing rubber which makes it suitable for food, beverage and dairy product. It is convenient and advantageous because of its compact structure and large heat exchanging area. Moreover, it requires small area to install, and easy to disassemble, clean and maintain. Range of plate heat area: 4-30 m2 (depending on number of plates).

Water-Powder Mixer

TEPSMART's water-powder mixer consists of a main machine-body and a centrifugal water pump wheel which is vertically installed. Water and powder are separately pumped in through a double-layer wall pipe, which prevents those from agglomerating before entering the main body. Water enters the main machine-body at high speed which creates vacuum in the center of water wheel, and thus powder enters the main machine-body. The amount of powder is evenly controlled by the regulation of a valve. It can rapidly and evenly mix multiple solid materials without any use or contact of air. It has a good mixing result. Mixer can be recycled or can be used directly without any recirculation. Whole machine is made of food grade stainless steel which keeps product hygenic. This machine is also convenient for assembling and disassembling. There is no need to dismantle any part during the time of cleaning and sanitizing. This water-powder mixer is specially designed for dairy and beverage industry.


Model Capacity (T/hr) Motor Power (KW) Motor Speed (rpm)
SFH-05 0.3-5 3 2800/1400
SFH-10 1-10 7.5
SFH-20 2-20 11

Square High Speed Emulsification Tank

This is a ideal equipment for liquid food emulsification. It has diversion channels inside tank. When rotor rotates, liquid flows through the diversion channel, which provides the liquid a vertical high speed cut to avoid quality difference between the upper and lower layer. Its high quality emulsifying tip can work at high speed up to 2890 rpm, which is good for dissolving and emulsifying effect. It is completely made of food grade stainless steel.


Model Volume (L) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Motor Power (kW) Motor Speed (rpm) Weight (Kg)
SSS-600 600 1100 2540 7.5 1400 550
SSS-1000 1000 1400 2700 11 1400 680
SSS-2000 2000 1600 3200 15 1400 885

Round High Speed Emulsification Tank

This high speed round emulsification tank is made of food grade stainless steel. The blending device is installed eccentrically & vertically in the vessel to prevent the liquid from forming vortex around blender. The eccentric blending makes the blending center deviated form the vessel center, and makes the pressure of liquid flow at each place different. Consequently, the relative movements between liquid layers are enhanced, and turbulent flow is established through out the tank. This eccentric blending eliminates the use of baffle plate, and thus, it reduces cost of manufacturing & maintenance. It has wide range of application, including the process of blending, homogenizing, crushing, suspending and solving.


Model Volume (L) Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Motor Power (kW) Motor Speed (rpm) Weight (Kg)
SSR-600 600 1100 2540 7.5 1400 550
SSR-1000 1000 1400 2700 11 1400 680
SSR-2000 2000 1600 3200 15 1400 885

Colloid Mill

The Colloid Mill made of food grade stainless steel is used for homogenization, emulsification, dispersing, mixing, smashing, etc. It is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceuticles, and chemical industry.


Model JM-80L JM-80W JM-100L JM-100W JM-120L JM-120W JM-140L JM-140W
Capacity (T/hr) 0.5-1 0.7-3 1-3.5 1-4
Power (kW) 3 5.5 5.5 7.5
Mill Tray Diameter (mm) 80 100 120 140
Diameter of Inlet 1 " 1 " 11/2 " 11/2 "
Diameter of Outlet 2" 21/2" 21/2" 21/2"
Cooling Pipe Diameter 1/4" 1/4" 1/4" 1/4"
Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 48x34x86 56x30x30 58x43x93 65x35x35 60x43x81 68x36x36 58x44x93 68x37x37
Weight (Kg) 88 150 155 165


This High Pressure Homogenizer is a special equipment for liquid homogenizing, lessening and high pressure transmission. It is widely used in food, dairy, beverage, medicine, chemical and biochemical industry. It is completely made of food grade stainless steel.


Model Capacity (m³/h) Pressure (Mpa) Inlet Diameter (mm) Diameter of Homogenizer (mm) Outlet Diameter (mm) Power (KW) Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) Weight (Kg)
GJB-1-25 1 25 25 15 ZG1/2" 7.5 1050x680x1110 600
GJB-2-25 2 25 40 15 ZG1/2" 15 1150x930x1270 1000
GJB-3-25 3 25 50 25 ZG3/4" 20 1250x1000x1350 1300
GJB-4-25 4 25 50 25 ZG3/4" 23 1300x1160x1500 1400
GJB-5-25 5 25 50 25 ZG3/4" 25 1400x1250x1600 1500
GJB-1-40 1 40 25 15 ZG1/2" 15 1050x680x1110 1100
GJB-2-40 2 40 40 15 ZG1/2" 22 1150x820x1180 1400
GJB-3-40 3 40 50 25 ZG3/4" 30 1250x1150x1500 1700
GJB-4-40 4 40 50 25 ZG3/4" 40 1300x1260x1600 2000
GJB-5-40 5 40 50 25 ZG3/4" 50 1400x1360x1700 2300
GJB-1-60 1 60 50 25 ZG3/4" 22 1300x1060x1350 1200
GJB-2-60 2 60 50 25 ZG3/4" 38 1400x1160x1450 1500
GJB-3-60 3 60 50 25 ZG3/4" 48 1500x1260x1550 1800
GJB-5-60 5 60 50 25 ZG3/4" 68 1600x1360x1650 2100

Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum Degasser, also called Degassing Pot, is mainly used in juice processing to take water & dissolved gas out from the juice using vacuum in order to prevent the juice from oxidization and turning brown. This process removes bad smell from the juice, stabilizes the juice, improves the esthetical appearance, reduces bubbles during high temperature sterilizing and filling, and finally it prevents downward line equipments from corrosion. Normally, the vacuum degassing process is done after homogenizing and before filling. All the processing material contact surfaces are made of high quality stainless steel, and sealed with eatable silica gel.


Model ZTD-1 ZTD-2 ZTD-3
Processing Capacity (L/hr) 1000 2000 3000
Vacuum Pressure 0.064-0.087 MPa
Total Power (kW) 5.2 6.2 7.3
Size (mm) 1035x750x2840 1135x780x3040 1185x800x3140
Weight (Kg) 270 350 450

Juice Concentration Unit

This machine is used in juice production processing as well as in dairy, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


  • Consumes less power as it is highly efficient in thermal energy utilization and it quickly concentrates juice.
  • Low temperature vacuum evaporation keeps product in its original color, flavour and nutrition.
  • It uses a plate sterilization system which is safe and hygienic.
  • Advanced instrumentation and reliable fittings ensures stable performance.
  • Compact size, easy to operate and simple design leads to low maintenance cost.


Model GL-6 GL-12 GL-20
Process Capacity (T/hr) 3-6 6-12 10-20
Inlet Density 10%
Outlet Density 71%
Evaporation Capacity (T/hr) 2.5~5 5~10 8.6~17
Specific Vapor Consumption (Kg) 0.52 0.32 0.25
Size (mm) 6000x4000x3000 10000x4200x3200 12000x4400x3500

Keywords: Food Grade, Food Grade Stainless, Stainless Steel, water pump,

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