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By: Spirit Sprite  09-12-2011
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Nutrition and Health

To enhance healing it is very important that we are eating nourishing food and drinking good water. Our bodies are composed of mostly water. All bodily functions require water to help them to work. It is important that we are replenishing the water in our bodies. Not only does the water nourish us but it also helps to cleanse us.

Drinking good quality water is extremely important. Tap water contains many chemicals that have been used to make our water (pardon the pun) cleaner. Chemicals in water cause our bodies to work harder to remove them. If our bodies have not been nourished properly they become weak, and bodily functions begin to become difficult. Distilled water is not recommended either. The process of distilling water causes the heavy metals to become more concentrated. Spring water is not regulated by the government and contains many impurities. Spring water can be taken straight from the ground and bottled. It will contain any runoff from the immediate area which can include pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers just to name a few. The best drinking water is reverse osmosis with a UV light. A reverse osmosis system with a UV light will take out metals, chemicals, bacteria and parasites. Water is tasteless. If the water you have been drinking has a taste it is not clean.

It is unfortunate that in this day and age the food we have been eating is lacking in nutrients. The farming industry has been modified to make as much money as possible. Crops are not being rotated which depletes the soil of nutrients. The soil is not given a chance to replenish itself. Farming Industry are spraying crops with pesticides and are creating genetically modified crops to help withstand disease all in an effort to produce more. The food industry is creating more convenience foods. These foods are loaded with chemicals. They have been irradiated and over-processed leaving them void of nutrients. Eating these foods starves our body of the nutrients, causing the organs and systems to work harder to remove the toxins. Our body needs vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids for several body functions to work. The best practice to good health is to eat foods that are whole, fresh, and organic whenever possible.

Our life energy fields are the blueprints for our physical bodies. They are an essence of who we are. Disharmony shows up in the etheric body, energy field before it becomes a problem in the body. The etheric body or aura completely envelopes our body and goes out beyond. Our bodies also consists of several meridians, this is where energy flows. These meridians are connected to the organs of the body. For example the heart meridian runs down the outside of the arm that is why several heart attack victims experience pain in their arms. The body also contains seven major energy centers called Chakras. These Chakras are also related to our organs.

Energy healing works because our bodies are composed of mostly water. Water is a great conductor of electricity. All things are made up of microscopic particles that vibrate at such a fast rate that they appear to be solid. Our life force, vital energy, prana or chi, flows throughout our body. Dis-ease causes the flow to become blocked, stagnant or unbalanced. Children have more chi or life force than elderly people do. That is why children heal faster.

Reiki was discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui. It is a safe non-invasive and natural method of healing that brings the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body into balance. It can do no harm. It deals with the causes of the illness as well as the symptoms. Reiki has its own intelligence and knows exactly where to go or where it is needed regardless of the client or practitioner. Reiki has been successful in helping virtually every known illness and always creates a beneficial effect. A minimum of three appointments is recommended.

Hands on Healing is the modality of laying hands on or above the body. The greatest known Hands on Healer is Jesus. In Hands on Healing energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to the client. I hold the highest vibration and gently guide your energy vibration bringing it back into balance. I stimulate the energy flow to increase energy and help to clear blockages. You could probably say that Hands on Healing is massaging the energy of the body. Depending on how long the dis-ease has been in the body will depend on how long it takes to heal. The more chronic the dis-ease the more energy work is needed to release it.

Energy healing is a great way to alleviate pain and speed up recovery of fractures, injuries and dis-ease. Energy can be used for long distance healings. People must accept responsibility for their healing and take an active part in it, for positive results. The first step in healing is wanting to. I treat the whole person, bringing into balance the whole body; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I assist you in creating a positive response stimulating recovery, vitality and strength. I provide a safe, comfortable place for you to heal.

Reflexology is based on the science that areas of the feet, hands, face and ear are comprised of zones and reflex areas that correspond to all glands, organs and bodily systems. Reflexology is the technique of applying pressure, stretch and movement to the feet resulting in stress reduction by using thumb, fingers and hand methods. Pressure applied to the feet generates a signal through the peripheral nervous system which then enters the central nervous system. It relays to the affected organs where it needs to make the necessary adjustments, and the response is sent on to the motor system. Since the feet contain all the systems and organs, massaging helps to stimulate and increase the flow of energy to these organs encouraging natural healing.

Spiritual Healing is using the assistance of a higher source of awareness to help you to connect your dis-ease to issues, realities and beliefs that are untrue or that no longer serve your higher or greater good. Our souls carry forward learnings, skills and experiences from one human life to another. We choose each life to learn lessons that we have set out for ourselves. Even our current life experiences have created beliefs that are, perhaps now counterproductive to our life. At Spirit Sprite I use regression as a method of resolving experiences from the past that are blocking your progress and happiness now. Current situations can cause trauma and issues from our past to resurface without our conscious awareness. These can cause a multitude of emotions, reactions and thoughts. Regression brings these memories into conscious awareness. I help you to release the energy and emotional blockage. We examine the past lessons and decisions from a higher perspective. I help you to see what is important about that experience and how it relates to your current situation. I guide you in re-experiencing the situation. We review the emotions and decisions that were made on all four levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I then help to guide you in transforming those decisions and thoughts to bring closure, enabling you to move forward. Spiritual Healing can help you to identify the limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself and life and replace them with a more expanded vision. Many people have lost touch with their true nature and have forgotten who they are. Limiting thoughts and beliefs create a partial life. I can help you to reconnect to yourself at a very deep level to realign and therefore live a full life.

Keywords: healing, Organs