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By: Primcore  09-12-2011
Keywords: Social Networking

Our Creations

PrimCore Suite v1.0 - Platform for building new innovative Internet Application and services

PrimCore Suite includes all fundamental modules for building new generation of Internent application and services based on Microsoft technologies, such as Sharepoint, CRM, Windows Live and integration with other platforms.
The product is intended to be deployed on premises, in the private/cloud.

Planned for release in 2012 - Q4.

Online Services - primINNOVATIONS

New generation of commercial, social networking, communication online services for specific consumer audiences and businesses. This service will be utilized from web, desktop and mobile devices and deployed as cloud solutions to Windows Azure, Microsoft Online Services environments.
Visit primINNOVATIONS.COM for deatails. It's built based on PrimCore Suite platform components.

Planned for release in 2013- Q1.

Products - Comparison Social Shopping

SHOPIDA is a Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) with the addition of unique services for merchants and shoppers, organically linked with its own social-commercial network, which allows users to receive additional services and benefits without leaving the site.

Planned for release in 2012- Q1.

Products - Professional Office

ProsOffice product is a unified portal solution implemented based on Microsoft SharePoint platform that performs as an interactive office environment for a broad range of businesses. It's deployable as a Office 365 solution and "On-premises" as well.

Planned for release in 2011 - Q2.

Keywords: Social Networking