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By: Primary Modules  09-12-2011

www.primod.com - Services

Tech Consulting  & Custom Solutions

Primary Modules technology consultants have proven track record, first-hand knowledge and passion to ensure your success. Whether you need a tech opinion or a custom solution, our experts can help you achieve desired results.

Web Services

The Internet and especially web-based technologies have been changing business processes dramatically during the last few years. Websites and blog-posts are some of the major marketing tools available to all but if we don’t design them right, it’s actually waste of time and effort to maintain them. Our content management experts can help you create perfect websites for your business. We will create your blog site for free when you hire us to create your official website. Our experts will make sure that your sites are hosted on a scalable platform and they are (SEO) search engine optimized.

If you are starting a new business, don’t forget to ask us for a package deal wherein we can help you setup your website, blog, IP phone environment, CRM and an online marketing tool for sending small to medium sized campaigns.

Reporting & Analytics

Primary Modules provides you Analysis Services for your Marketing Campaigns. By automating your lead generation efforts and integrating with CRM solutions, we make it easy to analyze your marketing results. Our Sales Analytics team can help your organization understand and optimize its sales force, revenue per customer, and pipeline performance over time. Business users can track key sales metrics, analyze these metrics to get a better understanding of the business, and use this analysis to drive an optimal sales process.

Business dashboards communicate complex information quickly. They translate information from your various corporate systems and data into visually rich presentations using gauges, maps, charts, and other graphical elements to show multiple results together. Primary Modules team of highly skilled analysis team works with your organization’s Analytics to provide you a customized, easy to use, information rich dashboard and full depth reporting options. Our team will also provide you maintenance and support services so anytime you need modify your dashboard, we are there to help you!

Customer Support

We understand that your support needs are as unique as your business. We strive to satisfy our customers beyond their expectations. We’ll help you with your problems quickly and efficiently. Along with our support services, you will receive our technical advice to help you run your systems efficiently with optimal hardware usage.

We offer three levels of support to meet your needs. Basic Support (first level) is included with your license, so you can take advantage of our training materials, user guides and online support at any time. Second level support offers phone support so you can directly speak to our technical experts. Response time is based on the technical priority of your problem. Third level support includes all the features and benefits of level one and two, plus access to a specialized team of certified administrators who will help manage your system.


Our training experts will design custom training sessions according to your needs. You can choose from various options such as – webinars, online classrooms, presentations, on-site sessions, CBTs or private discussion sessions. Let us help you achieve maximum employee productivity. If you have purchased our third level support, you will automatically be notified of our upcoming webinars and online presentations. Get your team trained and certified now!

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