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By: Low Rates Telecom  09-12-2011

Long Distance Services

Low Rates Telecom provides regular long distance services. You have to activate your telephone lines with us in order to use our services. We offer two service options:

Direct Calling service
No additional numbers to dial! This is convenient and fast, you just dial 1+ for North America, or 011+ for overseas countries. This option is preferred by most customers.

Access Code service
You have to dial our 7 digit access code before each number you want to call (without any pauses or waiting for dialtone). This option is preferred for those who don't want to change their long distance company.


No additional surcharges
We don't charge anything extra on top of our listed rates, except taxes. There are no surcharges, first minute connection fees, maintenance fees, etc. You pay only for number of minutes used multiplied by our rate to the country you called. Simple.

You pay after receiving an invoice. The billing cycle is 1 month.

No long term contracts
There is no long term contracts to sign. You can cancel at any time and switch your lines to other long distance company. There is no fee for changing long distance companies.

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