Customized Wedding Ceremonies & Rituals for ANY Occasion!

Customized Wedding Ceremonies & Rituals for ANY Occasion! from John Huculiak

By: John Huculiak  08-11-2010
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I am a legal Wedding & Ritual Officiant (and a licensed Croupier) based in Ontario; but can legally preside in most places in North & Central Americas (including the Caribbean) with enough notice to file the needed paperwork. Specializing in "ODD" jobs for over half my life, I have created and performed a wide variety of rituals and services (e.g. Engagements, Weddings, Divorces, Birthdays, Namings, Purifications) for a variety of faiths (e.g. Pagan, Roma, Nondenominational, Buddhist, Jewish, Christian).
As a Wayfarer in the Lindra Butji tradition, a former Dharma teacher, and a Religion & Culture graduate (specializing in Multi-faith & Cross-Cultural Synthesis, I use these experiences as freelance archivist, writer and lecturer, specializing in Rom History, the Histories of Divination Practices (both topics are as much to clarify what is factual or what is fabricated, as they are to enrich the serious-minded), Urban Spirituality (Allowing people to embrace their spiritual side within the city) and Faith Blending (very popular for families of mixed religious or individuals who believe that they lack faith), I also stand as an advisor and advocate for various interfaith councils & spiritual groups; run a diviners’ referral agency (if you ever need one for a party/fund raiser – let me know!), Divination Tools Adoption program and is in the early stages of organizing a Esoteric Reference Library on Spiritualities (If anyone has a Tarot deck that is unloved and collecting dust, crystals that they can not clean/recharge, runes which you think look cool but you will never use, or books that are not your cup of tea - PLEASE call or email me!)

For more information on services, lecture topics, or for my C.V. or a list of my references, please feel free to contact me.


Please contact me for details, as rates vary.

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