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By: Itw Imtran  09-12-2011
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Check out some of Trans Tech's specialty ink types that will make your pad printing stand out in a crowd.
From ABS to Wood and Silicone to Polypropylene, Trans Tech carries a huge selection (over 25 different lines) of standard, highly opaque inks, plus additives and solvents specially formulated for the product decorating industry.

Check the availability of Trans Tech Pad Printing Ink types in your area

Characteristics of pad printing ink from ITW Trans Tech

Learn the drying times of the different pad printing inks from ITW Trans Tech including touch dry and Heat curing drying times as well as general information on Drying & Curing for Non-UV Ink

Recommended Pad Printing Substrates For The Different Types of Pad Printing Ink

NEW Untreated Polypro Ink Available

Polypro INK 434:

  • Single component
  • Excellent printability
  • Opaque
  • High gloss level
  • Excellent adhesion to polypropylene
  • Eliminates most static
  • Fast startup-- especially in rotary applications
  • Ask your consumables rep for more details.

Color-Shifting Additive Gives Tint-Changing Properties to Inks

  • Available for standard solvent-based popular ink types
  • Also available for UV-curing ink types
  • Four color-shifting tints available: Autumn, Viola, Arctic, & Tropic
  • When printed part is viewd from different angle, color shifts to different effect.
  • Provides unique appearance to set image apart from others.
  • Ask your consumables rep for more details.

NEW "Chrome-Mirror" Pad Printing Inks Available

Chrome-Mirror INK-445:

  • Achieves look of a mirror or chrome when printed second surface on a clear part 
  • Highly reflective quality
  • Adheres to a wide variety of substrates
  • Trans Tech Durathon™ pad in the "blue" back hardness is recommended
  • Ask your consumables rep for more details.

Medical Class VI Certified Inks Available

Several ITW Trans Tech inks have been approved for use in applications that require United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) 30, NF 25, 2007 certification, known as Medical Class VI.
Medical Class VI testing is widely used in the medical products and devices industry to comply with FDA standards for these products.

Our most popular types of ink are now available in 200 mL tubes. These convenient aluminum squeeze tubes-- like a typical toothpast tube-- are great for small quantity print jobs where keeping waste to a minimum is so important. Ask your consumables representative if the ink you are using is available in these handy tubes!
Minimum order quantity may be required.

Part# Description















Each kit contains one kilogram of ink with a matching amount of dryer (hardener). Lead time is five working days.

Ink Colors:For general ink color reference see the Standard Pad Printing Ink Color Chart shown below. The colors as they appear here are approximate only. Please contact your Consumables Representative for an actual padprinted ink sample chart.

ITW Trans Tech offers a complete line of ink formulations for the most demanding industrial transfer pad printing applications. Our wide range of ink is so versatile that almost any material can be successfully decorated.

In addition, our print lab technicians have many years of experience with testing common and unusual materials for ink-to-substrate compatibility – over 80 different substrates are currently listed on our Ink Compatibility Chart.

  • Formulations: Inks are available in solvent-based, alcohol-based and ultraviolet (UV) curing formulations.
  • C-Mix System: For do-it-yourself color matching, a special ink mixing system, the C-Mix 2000 NT Color Matching System is available as a simple, consistent method for producting over 350 color variations, plus Pantone® colors. This eliminates the need for pad printers to keep large inventories of colors on hand. Twelve basic colors are used in each type to generate nearly 1,000 colors. Mixing formulas are provided for each color; available in five ink types.
  • NT (Non-Toxic) : Our NT series conform to US CONEG standards and European Standard EIM 71 (Part 3 Safety of Toys, 1989).
  • Other industry standards that our inks meet or exceed:
    • Medical device printing with NT series medical grade
    • Automotive applications including interior, under-hood and exterior
    • MIL-STD
    • TSCA
    • RoHS
    • EN71 Part 3
    • California Propositon 65

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