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By: Ditech Networks  09-12-2011
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The long promised vision of combining telephony and Web applications is finally upon us. Over one billion applications have been downloaded from Apple’s iPhone store alone. And while these applications have certainly helped boost the demand for mobile data plans, service providers have struggled to leverage this success further up the value chain. Today, data applications ride on top of the service provider networks transparently, with no value added from the network beyond providing adequate bandwidth and coverage. 

Ditech's toktok Voice Applications Solution offers a compelling integration of voice and Web applications. By enabling voice integration with Web applications before, during, or after a phone conversation, toktok provides subscribers with “any time” access to Web applications in an intuitive format that complements current text-only access models for times when text entry isn’t practical, effective, or even safe. 

For the first time, integration of voice with Web applications pulls voice into the rich, interactive environment of the Web. With toktok, it is now possible to access the Web simply by saying so - and Web applications will be able to send information to subscribers even when in a call. These capabilities can be applied to both consumer and business applications. This will revolutionize the way people use the phone. And, most important for service providers, people will pay for this ability because toktok offers tangible value that is directly connected to the one application that people still unambiguously associate with service providers and are prepared to pay for:  voice.

Example applications for using this technology include:
The possibilities of toktok Voice Applications are endless, but here are some examples:

  • Multi-party calls can be completed simply by saying “toktok! Call John” instead of fumbling with taking the phone away from your ear, placing party one on hold, scrolling the address book for party two, calling party two, and finally putting the two calls together. Try doing that while rolling down the highway at 65 mph.
  • Adding voice to social networks – Send someone a message from your favorite social network while they are on the phone and have it “whispered” in her ear, immediately, while they're still on the call.
  • Be reminded of an upcoming important meeting, while on the phone. toktok will monitor your online calendar and “whisper” in your  ear that a meeting is about to happen, linking you to your calendar with your voice service.

Enabling a marketplace for Voice Web applications through Open API
The toktok Open API enables the creation of an entire marketplace for using voice together with Web applications (i.e., Voice Web) - all now possible through the integration of toktok with the service provider's voice network. Thus service providers can monetize the core functions of toktok, marketplace ownership, and applications while also enabling an open market for applications development. 

This open marketplace will create a vibrant community of new services and capabilities. But that's the easy part. The difficult aspect of this model is creating revenue for the service provider beyond bandwidth. toktok solves this problem by integrating the marketplace directly into the network-delivered voice service. So rather than simply adding the marketplace on top of the service provider network, it is woven into the fabric to offer consumers previously unimaginable integration between phone calls and the Web.

Voice applications – Write once, work on any device
For service providers and developers alike, the proliferation of devices and operating systems has made the task of launching data applications complex, inconsistent, and costly. This is because toktok works with the subscriber's voice as part of a normal, everyday voice call, not over a data channel or via a simultaneous voice and data call, but instead on a basic voice call that any phone is capable of delivering. In fact, toktok does not even require that subscribers have a data plan.

The benefits to all parties are obvious: 

  • Service providers not only simplify the development but they also now “own” the user experience for these applications.
  • Developers can reach an entire customer base with their applications.
  • Subscribers without smart phones can use the Web while on the go.
Web applications delivered with carrier grade voice

For over 15 years,


Networks has been in the business of providing carrier class voice solutions with the scalability, reliability, service, and support required to meet the market demands of service providers worldwide.


equipment operates in networks around the world, processing and improving the quality of hundreds of millions of calls every day.

Ditech has combined this solid experience with a startup's flexibility, resulting in the toktok Voice Applications Solution. toktok delivers the performance that service providers require along with the opportunity to gain revenue from Web applications by integrating them with voice. This unique synthesis makes Ditech's toktok the best choice to take voice to the next level of profitability.

Service Delivery Model

Ditech Networks supports a variety of delivery models for toktok Voice Applications. A carrier can purchase, deploy, and maintain toktok’s solution elements or can utilize toktok services hosted by Ditech. 

For more information about the service delivery model options, please contact a sales representative.

Keywords: service providers

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