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By: Colmar Inks  09-12-2011
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Commitment To Quality

n      Colmar Corporation has built an impressive reputation in respect to the quality of its products, as well as the batch-to-batch consistency of all formulations. This reputation has not been acquired by accident, but rather by a total commitment from all of our employees.

n      This total quality approach reaches from our owner managers, and is encouraged and reinforced in a continuous manner by the involvement of all employees in product/process improvement meetings.

n      Quality control assurance is one of Colmar Corporations highest priority areas, and our printing products are controlled from the initial selection and testing of the basic raw materials, which are selected from vendors around the world (i.e. North America, Asia, Europe etc) right through to final product testing.

n      Our quality assurance procedures are strictly enforced, and we set acceptance specifications above those normally required for the product application.

 High speed order fulfillment: 

n      Large inventories of standard inks are held in stock.

n      Most local deliveries are by Colmar transportation.

n      Ninety-nine percent of all orders are supplied on a same day or next day basis as required.

n      Colmar also maintains an express colour matching service employing both manual and computerized abilities.


n      Keep inventory of frequently used Inks on-site. 

n      Managed by Colmar Customer Account Representatives dedicated to providing personalized service.


In Plant production:

n      Let Colmar provide you with a state of the art Ink Disperser along with a highly trained technician to meet the demanding needs of your business.


n      Viscometers (Brookfield + Falling Rod + Zahn).

n      Dispersion Gages: (NAPIRI)

n      PH Meters (Asst)

n      Colour Proofing Equipment: (Letterpress, Lithographic, Flexographic)

n      Light Fastness Testing: (Q.U.V.)

n      Weather ability Testing: (Q.U.V.)

n      Tack Testing: (Thwing Albert)

n      Dry Time Recording: (Printed Proofs + Glass BK)

n      Colour Density: (Densitometers) X-Rite

n      Colour Specification: (Spectrophotometer + Colour Tolerance)

n      Rub Resistance Testing: (Sutherland)

n      Water Pickup Testing: (Duke + Wareing)

n      Ink Film Thickness (Interchemical)

n      V.O.C.s Testing (Loss of Volatile’s) ASTM

n      Ultra-Violet Curing – Controlled cure and power variation

n      Coefficient of Friction – TML + Digital

n      Digital photo-micrography – Print + Ingredient analysis

n      Color Control  - Inventory + MIXMASTER + PLATINUM

Keywords: Inks

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