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Aesthetic & Medical Skin Care

From ancient times, various extracts of fruits have been used to enhance the beauty of the skin.  Glycolic acid – derived from sugar cane and the most potent of a group of fruit extracts known as Alpha Hydroxies – had always been too irritating to be used routinely.

GLY DERM research has developed a form of Glycolic acid which has virtually eliminated these problems.  GLY DERM research has duplicated nature's methods, creating natural esters of Glycolic acid called "Glyco-Citrates".

The full benefits of Glycolic acid are released by the natural esterases of your skin without problem irritation and without sacrificing the results of Glycolic acid by neutralizing or buffering.

GLY DERM Glyco-Citrates are unique and can make your skin softer, more supple and more youthful without visible peeling and irritation.  GLY DERM can help to remedy the effects of sun exposure, and seems to help reduce large pores – making your skin appear more vigorous and youthful.

We have a full line of medically approved GLY DERM® and Dr. Renaud Skin Care Products.

Available in 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 70%.
Glyco Citrate facial applications are applied in your doctor's office under the supervision of a trained professional.  Within weeks, you will notice an improvement in the overall tone and texture of your skin and a reduction of the appearance of fine lines.
Purified Water, Glycolic Acid Citric Alcohols.

GLY DERM maintenance products are formulated in 5% regular and 10% "Plus" strengths. These products will help to maintain the results of the in-office facial applications and continue to improve the overall tone and texture of the skin. The products should be applied sparingly to a cleansed face before going to bed. They should not be used on the night before or the night of the in-office facial. Using the products below will help to get the skin ready for higher in-office concentrations of Glycolic Acid and will also, with diligent use, help to maintain the results of the facials. To receive the full benefits of Gly Derm, one or more of these products should be used as part of Gly Derm's Program. Almost every GLY DERM patient will experience a slight stinging sensation after applying the Cream, Lotion, Lotion Lite or Solution. It lasts less than a minute. They will also feel a slight dryness, which is actually an invisible peeling, for the first few weeks. This is the beneficial effect of the program, and can easily be relieved with GLY DERM moisturizers, usually Hydrotone.

Moisturizers are a vital and integral part of the GLY DERM Program and should be applied daily to seal in the skin's natural moisture and alleviate any dryness. GLY DERM moisturizers are available for all skin types. PH compatible with the healthful acid-mantle pH of the skin. Relieves dryness of the facial.

    Hydrotone Max - 0% Concentration - 1 oz. For mature or very dry skin.

    Compounded with hydrolyzed wax, this is an extremely effective moisturizer for very dry or mature skin.

    Hydrotone - 0% concentration - 2 oz. For normal to dry skin.

    Hydrotone is an elegant and richly emollient all-purpose moisturizer and is perfect for the overwhelming majority of all GLY DERM Program patients. It is heavy and long-acting enough to counteract the dryness related to exfoliation during the initial few weeks of the GLY DERM Program, yet quick-drying and non-greasy.

    Hydrotone Lite - 0% concentration - 2 oz. For Normal to oily skin.

    A lighter moisturizer that vanishes on contact with the skin. Compounded without mineral oil or petrolatum. Hydrotone Lite may be used frequently and generously, if needed, during the first few weeks on the program. It is also perfect for acne prone patients who still require a moisturizer.

    Gentle Eye Cream - 0% concentration - 1 oz.

    A hydrolyzed form of Hydrotone for patients who prefer an even smoother moisturizer around the eyes.

Gentle Cleanser, home maintenance products and moisturizers are essential components of the GLY DERM Program. The products described below, are designed to further enhance the benefits of the GLY DERM Program.

    Gly Mist- 1% concentration* - 8 fl oz.

    Available in travel size - 2 fl oz./ 59 ml A refreshing mineral spray used to hydrate the skin. May also be used as a make-up setting agent. We have also had many reports of its benefits as a toner throughout the day for patients with oily skin.

    Bikini Tone - 2% concentration* - 4 fl. oz.

    For daily use on the bikini line or under arm area to reduce irritation and unsightly bumps due to shaving, waxing, or depilatory use. You may use Bikini Tone as as a part of your nightly regimen. Do not apply Bikini Tone for at least two hours after shaving, waxing, or depilatory regimen.

    Body Lotion - 3% & 10% concentration* - 8 fl oz.

    Mildly keratolytic, GLY DERM Body Lotion is a wonderfully light, refreshing, fast absorbing Glycolic lotion that has been accepted by patients in all climates for use in all seasons.

    Conditioning Shampoo - 1% concentration* - 8 fl oz.

    Cleanses very gently and leaves the hair so manageable, a conditioner is often not necessary. GLY DERM Shampoo has anionic characteristics, and you may need three or four days of shampooing for your hair to adjust fully. Does not harm permed or color-treated hair. We have also received reports from many physicians that it is an excellent keratolytic for use on dry, scaly and seborrheic conditions. May also be used as a bath and body soap.

    Gly Feet - 2% concentration* - 2 oz.

    A hydrolyzed wax that brings instant relief to dry skin and cuticles of the feet.

    Hold My Hand - 2% concentration* - 1 oz.

    A hydrolyzed wax used to moisturize dry and brittle cuticles and the skin of the hands.

    Masque - 3% concentration* - 2.6 oz./ 75 gm.

    A unique, chelated combination of Glycolic esters and natural rare earths. The Masque makes the skin feel invigorated and smoother. In addition, make-up may be applied immediately after. The cosmetic effects of the Masque last about 24 hours. It is not a substitute for the facials or the home maintenance products. At bedtime, the patient should cleanse the face again and apply the P.M. GLY DERM Cream, Lotion, Lotion Lite or Solution.

    Super Sunblock SPF 25 - 0% concentration - 4 oz.

    A fully emollient, light, non-greasy, water-based sunscreen which does not irritate the eyes, has considerable water resistance and has proven almost completely non-allergenic and non-comedogenic. May also be used as a moisturizer in the GLY DERM Program. For best results, apply 30 minutes before going out.

Keywords: Glycolic Acid, Lotion, Moisturizer